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Star Mares S1.4: Hocus Pocus

I must assume that magically manipulating momentous masses mandates much math.  Unfortunately, despite having a lever adequate to the task, Trixie hasn't chosen the best place to stand...

I think the size of Cadance's eyes here makes her look like an alien.  But then I look at official stuff and they're almost 50% larger :(

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Trope me.
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ZanarNaryon's avatar
How does that even work? Does Celestia control every sun in the universe? If so, shouldn't that be Luna's job? Is there only one sun in the entire universe?
ChrisTheS's avatar
It works by only thinking about it insofar as the plot requires, which is pretty much how the whole thing works in MLP anyway :)

This special largely exists to make it so that we don't have to think about it anymore.
You know how hard this is. You can't break through Trixie's concentration. Falling into that crevasse probably won't even break her concentration.
Well... Trixie's dead. Guess it's time to find another princess.
Hey Cadance! Watch me pull a Sun out of space!

Again? That trick never works!
ChrisTheS's avatar
No doubt about it - I've gotta get another hat!
AJR001's avatar
This won't end well... ^^;
ChrisTheS's avatar
Falling down a chasm rarely does.
AJR001's avatar
That's not even a chasm, more like a dimensional rift... :XD:
tigreanpony's avatar
Uh-oh this can't be good. She might be bringing the sun too close.
And Cadance flew outta da way like-- XD Candy, you shife for that.....
I'm assuming the sun is coming out of her hat :)
ChrisTheS's avatar
Since it's a Rocky and Bullwinkle joke (and 'that trick never works!'), if it were, she would have to have been trying for something more innocuous.  Like a matchstick :)
NoradTwo's avatar
Are you saying her magic was creating a moment arm leading back to where she was standing, thus causing the huge crack?
ChrisTheS's avatar
Not exactly, as we'll be seeing later...
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Reshiram95's avatar
where  trixie  land when she falls or will cadance save her ? 
ChrisTheS's avatar
I am trying (and failing) to resist the urge to respond to this comment with "Tune in next time and find out, same bat-time, same bat-channel!"
Reshiram95's avatar
okay ^^ btw isnt trixie magic purpose to be light purple
ChrisTheS's avatar
I sourced the color from a screencap, so if it's wrong, it's not my fault :p
Reshiram95's avatar
its looks  20% cooler then pinkish purple btw do you like season 6 so far?
PhoenixFlambe's avatar
Oh my gosh,could trixie be so great and powerful that not only can she raise the sun but also crack the planet? I still don't get why she's chosen to be the next Alicorn?
ChrisTheS's avatar
Because it's funny :P And the show is probably not going to do anything to change her status quo, so I'm less likely to end up with orphaned continuity.

Plus, she has a lot of fans, and I'd like to snag some of them :)
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