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Star Mares 3.4.5: Tantantaraa (Zing Boom)

Redshift got assigned to the ground battle as a bit of an afterthought, when I realized that otherwise, she wasn't going to appear in the final issue at all.  Which would clearly have been a travesty.

I also made Rarity look more like Rarity, with a complete rebuild of her eyes (the originals having been built from a lower-res screenshot).

Rarity's fruit is, of course, bunches of grapes (I'd considered pomegranates, but it was too hard to distinguish them from the pears).  Designing these trees is really difficult, since the facets all have to be selected for coloring individually (and if you mess up and select the wrong thing, you basically have to start over because of the way the selection tools work in Inkscape), and the only parts that are shared between models (and thus can be mass-recolored) are the trunks and roots.

I had to recreate the head towel from the original screenshot, because while I'd done it before (when Spring Clean interrupted Cookiecutter's preening), I hadn't bothered to save it to Cookie's pose file.

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Trope me.
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What? No "Rebel Scum" in this part?
ChrisTheS's avatar
That's why I did it with Moontear/Wind Whistler - even though I hadn't actually planned for the silent pony to be commanding the 501st, I knew I wasn't going to be following the action inside the bunker, so the line wouldn't make it in otherwise.
I think some psychologist could do a case study just on the subconscious reasons that drive Redshift to stand directly below objects and ponies that are likely to fall.
ChrisTheS's avatar
But most of the time she's been knocked out by ponies (mainly Cookiecutter) sneaking up behind her...
*pulls up in a Bugatti with my crew*
Ay, yall! We ridin for ya! >8)
Sturmlion1's avatar
Redshift at least is on the ground. Being on the Executor might be bad for her health...
Butt-thwack is best thwack
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If Distraction = Successful then

Attack Plan = Ambush;

end if;

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albedoequals1's avatar
Redshift's probably better off sleeping through what comes next anyway.
tigreanpony's avatar
This is quite interesting. I'm so looking forward to the next page.
TP-Night's avatar
Redshift might want to get a helmet instead of that hat.. seems like a good investment.
cogwheelbrain's avatar
Did... did Redshift just get teabagged? ( to speak.)
TP-Night's avatar
Kind of, yeah. 
shyal-malkes's avatar
Nothing's going according to plan?

That's when the fun begins!
SerpensVolucer's avatar
Haha. The fruits look like grapes. I get it.

Also *Bonk*
Composer99's avatar
Go lemurs! Go lemurs!
PhoenixFlambe's avatar
How do ghosts bathe?
TP-Night's avatar
It's Rarity. Even in the afterlife, she needs her beauty routines.
ChrisTheS's avatar
They have to stay clean and bootiful, otherwise they'd stain all those white sheets (which shrink in the wash).
Isenlyn's avatar
Since I saw panel 3 I knew what would happen to Redshift. XD
Aprion's avatar
And redshift gets knocked on the noggin again. she needs a hug, and a medic ^^;
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