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Star Mares 3.4.24: Hide and Seek

I wanted to break up the visual monotony of this page, so I included a bit of otherwise pointless worldbuilding trivia.  The rest of the page is returning to the comic's roots, recycling and remixing a bunch of sets from volume 1.

For the record, I don't actually know what Dark Side did to the rest of the party ponies.  I assume it's something suitably heinous, given that it appears to have emotionally scarred Maple Leaf for life.  But I figure the best way to keep Maple's mysterious past a mystery is to not actually know anything about it myself.

In other news, I took my citizenship oath yesterday, so now I'm an official Canadian instead of the fake one I've been for the last twelve years.

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oh so Black Sun has corrupted Pinkie. Before or after she becomes Chancellor? And if the black stars of Twilight symbolize a corrupt element, why was there only one? he should have at least two at the beginning of the civil war, one for loyalty and the other for honesty.
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Pinkie was the last to fall, while Applejack was the first, and Fluttershy will be the second. At the point we're currently at in the Pone Wars, both Pinkie and Skywishes are still firmly on Team Harmony.
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Why was this on my faves XD
She probably trapped them in a ruined castle for eternity, guarded by a nightmarish animated costume that endlessly tells awful jokes and poses unsolvable riddles.
Ooh! See? Tia aint evil! We're just playin hide n seek.... (8'(
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That was great, this is really great comic, looking forward to the next page.
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Forgot about sensing with the force haven't you Maple Leaf. :XD:
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Not really, because that isn't a thing. It's because they still share a brain with Skywishes, so they can tell where each other are like you can tell where your hands are.
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Whatever happened with those 3 ponies (RD, Celestia, and Skywishes) made things complicated. :XD:
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Cadance is in there too (which I imagine was the source of much awkwardness at points during Skywishes' and Flurry Heart's relationship).
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worldbuilding is NEVER pointless. :)
You're now a full Canadian? *insanely jealous* I've still gotta wait a few more years with PR before I'm even eligible...
ChrisTheS's avatar
I probably could have been four years ago if I'd applied for both PR and citizenship as soon as I was eligible, but I'm lazy.  I only decided to finally submit my citizenship application on US election night (and given that the waiting period from then was supposedly a whole year, I'm really surprised it went through so quickly).

Unfortunately, there's a good chance that we might have to spend my first Canada Day as a citizen moving our workplace across town, although our boss is trying hard not to have to do that :(
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Let's not probe further about the joke involving mayonnaise.
ChrisTheS's avatar
Originally it was salad, but mayonnaise is a funnier word.
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congratulations on the citizenship
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