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Star Mares 3.4.22: Lifetimes of Regret

There is a school of thought that suggests that ultimate villains are weakened by being the subject of slapstick.  I say to this, pooh-pooh: all slipping on a banana peel or leaving a face-shaped indentation in a steel door does to a villain is make them even more angry.

The dialogue on this page had to be cut down significantly to make room for the actual pictures.  The desire for people to actually see the things that I've worked on has thus far been the largest factor in curbing my tendency to overexplain things.

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Trope me.
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at the same time, it's true that if she had gathered evidence instead of rushing headlong to face Celestia, Black Sun could have been arrested ... maybe not in time to save the crystal empire but at least it could have prevented Shy, Jack, and Pinkie from becoming nightmares ... and having almost all the mane six dead. not to mention the other princesses, their apprentices and the civil war ... And how could she believe that she could defeat Celestia corrupted alone? it's madly arrogant.
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Actually, had she not acted immediately, Black Sun would have fully taken over, and the Nightsisters that had already infiltrated every level of government would have supported her claim that the Element Bearers had turned on the Empire, causing them to become fugitives and the entire Galaxy to come under the Nightmare Force a few decades early. And Fluttershy would become a Nightmare anyway because of her resentment of Twilight and it would be her at the right hoof of the throne instead of Dark Feather.
even with evidence proving that Celestia was naughty with Clousdale?
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Anyone who follows current affairs should realize that mere evidence is politically useless.
so what is useful evidence in politics? confessions?
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Nope. Even if (possibly especially if) they're on tape.
Oh dear ... the current politics and this statement ..
pfff but then apart from creating problems, what are these policies for?
O_o.... more like Oliver & Company...
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how is it like oliver and company?
If we're gonna have company, then it better be that.... >8]
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Oh dear, looks like we got a memory crasher... ^^;
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"We've been in her head for so long she doesn't remember who she really is"
So my Trine theory was SOMEWHAT TO A DEGREE correct! I'm gonna reward myself with a cookie.

Ah. All the cut dialogue... You think you're ever gonna publish a non-trimmed-town-to-show-the-pictures version of the script?
ChrisTheS's avatar
Can't anymore - I moved everything off of Google Drive, so all my past versions are gone. It was mostly overly flowery philosophizing anyway.
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Scootaloo is Dark Feather? Explains why she has RD's mark then. Nice trophy for her. I do wonder now what happened to Sweetie Belle and Applebloom?

Oh my, and she killed Twilight...
ChrisTheS's avatar
How do you get 'is Scootaloo' from 'like Scootaloo'?

Dark Feather is Skywishes, who much like Scootaloo has a hero worship issue, a massive self-esteem deficiency, and a tendency to do really stupid things.  Skywishes is not actually related to Scootaloo in any way (and for that matter might not even be related to Rainbow - when you're a thousand years old and careless about birth control, you tend to lose track of all your descendants).

As to the other question, Applebloom is the distant ancestor of about 25% of the Imperial Navy's officer corps (with Big Mac's lineage making up another 40%), and Sweetie Belle was metaphorically immortalized as the SW33-T model of protocol poid.
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Ah, misread it. But it would be kind of cool if Scoots had been Dark Feather though. So Sweetie Belle is like the creator of the Bishop series of Androids from Aliens? There all modeled on there original creator?
ChrisTheS's avatar
She didn't create them - Rarity did.  They were just based on Sweetie Belle because Rarity had a bit of a mental breakdown when her baby sister started to look older than her.
Sturmlion1's avatar
Ah, actually I could see Rarity doing that. So Sweetie Belle never had kids then? Seems kind of a sad fate for Squeekie Belle.
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I haven't determined that one way or the other - it hasn't really been relevant.

Of course, if you chose to believe that Gracenote is distantly descended from Sweetie Belle, I wouldn't gainsay you :) (they both have the 'really dumb ideas that make things worse' schtick, after all).
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And I like Gracenote. She is my favorite of the little band of misfits you've created.
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It is possible to make no mistakes and still lose. That is not a weakness; that is life."
Wise words, Gracenote.
In the end, it doesn't matter whose fault it is. Who's going to fix it matters. What you've learned from it matters. These are things that look to the future. But to ask whether you could have prevented what happened given your knowledge and capabilities at the time is to look purely to the past. Unless you're hiding a time machine, you can't change what happened, so you won't get anywhere by dwelling on it.

Not that that will stop you from thinking about your mistakes, but it holds nonetheless.
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