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Star Mares 3.4.21: Aggressive Negotiations

I don't get to draw Moontear smiling very much, and so of course the first chance I get for a while, she's wearing a mask :(

I went back and rewrote this page the other day to make it less abstractly philosophical.  Originally she gave a little speech about not comprehending the true nature of loyalty, which I decided was a little bit too 'Dear Princess Celestia' for me, especially at this point in the story.  It also made it sound as though Moontear was delivering blanket forgiveness to everypony, rather than just Wind Whistler (and kind-of-sort-of Rainbow Dash), which would conflict a bit with subsequent pages.  I'm not quite done with these two yet :)

Now I come to think of it, for someone who nursed a grudge against a pony she'd never met for a quarter century, Moontear is awfully free with her forgiveness.  It's one of her more endearing traits, I think.

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Trope me.
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I'm just realizing how much panel 1 of this page makes the last page make so much more sense.

I'm also realizing -- finally -- that even though they are not wearing helmets, they are wearing breathers, and tight suits over most of their bodies.

The exposed eyeballs ... "it's magic".
>their faces when they see Shia Labeouf onboard
>my face when I realize Moontear and yogurt mane pone are actually working for /pol/
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Capture the flagship. Sure better than spearing it into a Deathstar!
Hmm. Empress Moontear.

I think I could go for that.
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You never want her to smile again, do you? :P

(Not really a spoiler - the SW characters she's based on eventually do end up running the Empire).
"Perhaps an emasculating insult to your sexuality will provide sufficient motivation?"

"You're using words again, and that makes me mad!"
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Lol, that was very cute, They are meant to be together, great work I'm really loving your comic here. I also really, really want to play in your star wars/ponyverse.
"Mom's Little Dashie" - maybe if she had found you abandoned in a cardboard box? ;-)
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In light of 'Parental Glideance,' it would seem that mommy issues run in the family.
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Ever since my HALO days I've been in love with the idea that FPS games needed "Capture the Flag" as their goto for multiplayer. My reasoning is thus, if you're just shooting respawning players then it's just another game of "shoot the endless hoard of zombies", whereas with CTF, you have strategy, tactics, and all sorts of dirty tricks that you need to employ on top of shooting the opponents.

There are some MLP spinoff universes that are tempting to want to see. Some might think that the freedom implied in the Fallout Equestria unvierse seems tempting, but if playing a game of "Capture the Flag(ship)" is a thing then I've gotta say... can I play along?
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Now I feel bad that this is just a scene transition :(

I'm strongly tempted to write up a 'Cloudsdale War Games' RPG scenario to make up for it.
shyal-malkes's avatar
Oh Celestia, what have I done?!
ChrisTheS's avatar
You know that Clone Wars episode with the rookies who keep failing their tests because they can't work together as a team? That would make a great scenario :)
shyal-malkes's avatar
Unfortunately I don't, I have never actually seen an episode of Clone Wars.
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Well, you should work on that then :p

You're missing out on at least three of the best characters in the entire series.
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Those two can never get enough of each other... :XD:
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It dawned on me, Moontear has a thing about being a clone/knockoff/bad_photcopy of RD, and now RD is back. Should those two actually meet.... oh, dear.
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An awful lot of thought went into figuring out how to prevent Moontear from noticing Black Sun chasing Dash across the space between the hospital ship and the Nightmare Moon (if you look back at the page where the ship gets blown up, she and WW are on the other side of the battlefield).
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So wait. She's a good guy?
ChrisTheS's avatar
She's always been a good guy.  If this were a D&D game, she'd be Lawful Good.  Wind Whistler, on the other hoof, is Chaotic Neutral.
arianaaviles's avatar
Ooooohhhhhh. I kinda like the Black and white pony version of RD
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