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Star Mares 3.4.2: The Face of the Foe

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I don't really understand what the writers are getting at when they use this gag over and over again - are they poking fun at Rainbow not being nearly as cool as she thinks she is, or pony names in general?  Regardless, I imagine Rainbow has amassed quite the collection of middle names over the centuries.

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Trope me.
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when she says that Luna and the elements of harmony are nothing compared to her, I hope she overestimates herself.
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ChrisTheSProfessional Digital Artist
She's speaking from experience; only two Element Bearers have never been Nightmares by this point.
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Twilight and Dash, right?

... The best way to fight an army of evil like this? Twilight should have re-activated her portal to the other world, and gotten help. EG!ponies might not have as much combat experience, but they are fast learners, and they've got Sunset Shimmer (who has combat-as-pony experience), plus a spare Celestia and Luna, a set of Geode-level powers (on par with, but slightly different from, the element-level powers), and that Twilight has managed to overcome a nightmare force, plus there is that other reformed nightmare human from the movie theater. Plus "Evil Guidance Counselor" Starlight Glimmer who can battle Twilight to a standstill.

Seriously, using the second set of pony people as backup? That has to be Equestria's secret weapon at this point.
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ChrisTheSProfessional Digital Artist
*innocent whistling*
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I was thinking about the balance of power, not the resistance of each other to the forces of the nightmare ... moreover I think about it, if the forces of the nightmare harassed Celestia since she had banished her sister, why her return did not arrange the situation?
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ChrisTheSProfessional Digital Artist
Because they had a thousand year head start. Luna's recovery only delayed the inevitable.
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Oh silly, silly Maple...Dash doesn't sound ANYTHING in her head...the words just shoot out her mouth right when they hit the brain...
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Rainbow Dash is secretly Latin American. You don't even know the half of how long her full name is.
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GwDuncanHobbyist Writer
Oh Dash, being frozen for so long is not good for comebacks
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ChrisTheSProfessional Digital Artist
It wasn't exactly one of her strong suits to begin with.
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GwDuncanHobbyist Writer
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So what happened to all the blasters they set up beforehand? And does Pinkie know there is another Nightmare on the loose now!
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ChrisTheSProfessional Digital Artist
They're strewn all over the floor now. The revivification process was quite explosive.
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Oh this is getting really good. I love your dialogue and the story is very intriguing. I love this add in to the original 3 movies you are doing, besides how you are using different POVs than what the movies followed you also added this to make your story stand out and make it original. Keep up the awesome work.
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MDWebsterHobbyist Writer
Even she's free from hibernation, Rainbow does seem to have a struggle. There's no time to relax.
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ChrisTheSProfessional Digital Artist
No peace for the not-actually-wicked-but-just-bad-publicity.
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She also has a couple slightly-off-centre, a-bit-more-to-the-left-but-not-last, leaning-a-bit-rightwards and on-the-right-side-of-middle-but-left-of-mid-post-first names.
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I get it. It was a spirit! Not Celestia or rainbow themselves.
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foldabotZHobbyist Photographer
Of course. In the comics, it is revealed that the Nightmare Force is really... well... an evil Force that possesses ponies who harbor great negative emotions. 
PhoenixFlambe's avatar
I guess celestia must've feel mad. Like really mad. The angry kind of mad.
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AprionHobbyist General Artist
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Stop standing around talking and just shoot her!
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