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Star Mares 3.4.12-13: Really Most Illogical

In the original cartoon, Wind Whistler was always calm and sensible - and didn't really want to be, as evidenced by the episode in which a magical accident swapped her personality with a much sillier pony.  I conceived of my version as a 'pony Spock' (and I know I'm not the first one to make the comparison), but she was always the Spock of the earlier episodes and the movies - the one who clearly had emotional responses but pretended, catlike, that he didn't, and who was prone to thoroughly irrational actions and later claimed that they were logical (but never satisfactorily explaining his logic).  This is one of Wind Whistler's thoroughly irrational actions, couched behind a veneer of fuzzy logic.

An earlier version of this page included the line "I never claimed to be the good one," which I felt was critical to describing Moontear and Wind Whistler's relationship - Moontear is actually Wind Whistler's conscience, and the only reason Wind Whistler didn't turn Moon Moth into a whiff of ozone herself is because she believed that Moontear wouldn't actually want that.  The line didn't make it through the revision process, sadly, but the spirit has always been there.

Ultimately, of course, the main point of this page was to break Moontear's goggles, because it was getting too hard to convey her state of mind without being able to see her eyes.  That, and I like drawing her with mussy hair.

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Any second now, Black Sun is just gonna fly in and make things worse
She's not a very nice pony at all. But that doesn't mean she deserves to die, and it certainly doesn't mean you should attack her cause by attacking her. One doesn't need to be a nice pony to have a good cause.
ChrisTheS's avatar
A good cause like overthrowing an elected leader to install a hereditary monarch? :P

Sure, the Empress is creepy as heck, but every ten years she wins totally non-rigged elections.  Of course, the other candidate is usually Shining Armor, so perhaps Equestria just isn't ready for a stallion to be head of state...
I'd overthrow my government if it felt it was reasonable to build a Smooze superweapon.
ChrisTheS's avatar
The rebellion came first - the superweapon came later.

Also, it was originally Rarity's idea (like pretty much all of the terrible ideas that have shaped the setting), and most of the Alliance forces were former Separatists.
tigreanpony's avatar
That was awesome, I really like the chemistry between those two. Looking forward to the next page.
Pony4Koma's avatar
Calling it! Derpy was/is Darth Plagueis! 

MLP Derpy Emoticon Gif "I see the Force." 
jppiper's avatar
she could save others from derp but not herself
:iconnecromorphplz:: Is this a bad time to come in?....
foldabotZ's avatar
Damn it, just kiss already!
AJR001's avatar
If both of them survive this, I won't be surprised if they hook up after the war... :XD:
ChrisTheS's avatar
While I still refuse to officially comment on that one way or the other, I really wanted to title this page 'The Courtship of Baroness Moontear' :p
AJR001's avatar
Good one. Sign Emoji-03 (Thumbs up)  :XD:
shyal-malkes's avatar
I was gonna comment at how Pinkie looks... but then I realized that, with her typical 4th wall breaking capabilities, she might be looking at all the action around her in the page rather than just her own panel.

One of these days, I'm going to go back and re-read the entire third movie, just to catch up on some stuff I think I've missed along the way.
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Am I the only one that feels bad Pinkie has devolved so far?
jppiper's avatar
half of the mane six and celestia have turned to the dark side it's unfortunate but at leat it's au if that's any consolation 
MLPstargear's avatar
Looks like pinkie got the derpy treatment. 
ChrisTheS's avatar
She's got Pinkie-eye, so it's hard to look directly at a light.

Badump. Tish.
bauerle's avatar
What exactly broke her goggles?

And you could've just made them transparent like WW's but then they probably wouldn't match her colors...
ChrisTheS's avatar
The shockwave from two bottles of ionized plasma directly impacting each other.

If I'd made them transparent then they wouldn't fulfill their primary function of hiding the pilot's eyes from the audience.  I didn't exactly have this scene in mind when I designed the uniform :P
PhoenixFlambe's avatar
Robot? Do androids exist?
albedoequals1's avatar
That's what "droid" is short for.  C-3PO is an android.
ChrisTheS's avatar
'Robot' is a known word in the Star Wars 'verse - Luke uses it in ANH.

Maybe 'droid' was originally a brand name that got genericized, like bandaid or kleenex :)
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