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Star Mares 3.4.10: Ghosts of Bygone Days

I'll be out of town early tomorrow, so have the comic a few hours early, for Revenge of the Fifth :)

The problem with revisiting designs that were originally meant as one-offs is that I usually have to reverse-engineer them in order to make the necessary modifications.  It was actually easier to rebuild the rest of Rarity's 'grand marshal' uniform from scratch than it was to replace the long horn with the short one on the helmet.

Redshift will be happy to know (once she wakes up) that this is the very last time Cookiecutter gets to knock her out.

Guest spots by Mirage (:iconsketchythedoodler:), Solar Eclipse (Serenity Longtail), and No-name-that-I-know Pegasus (:iconcloudkicker8903:).

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She must LOVE the ease of wardrobe changes.  Now the question is...what look works best in translucent?
*pulls up with my crew*
Ay, yall! We got you! Where yall want us at!?
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I don't always agree with Rarity but I'm on board with her this time.
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I'm with 'Shy on this one. I'm not saying you should have done nothing, and I don't think she's really saying that either, but what you did do was not the right thing. A rebellion was too much.
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rarity's constantly changing outfits are hilarious for some reason. XD
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Good to know the extra effort is appreciated... They sometimes doubled the time a page took to draw.
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personally I love all the little extra details.
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Rarity icon "I made the Grand Marshall look fabulous! And that alone justified my rebellion!" 
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kinda interesting, wondering what the battle looks like from the background pony's perspective. I see Soda pulling wires with his teeth... and is that Princess Lace getting shot?
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Oh this is quite entertaining, you are doing a wonderful job, can't wait for the next page.
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fashionable pike helmet 8)
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We can only hope that somewhere, somewhen, Redshift will her revenge and knock out Cookiecutter. Just once. Even if it's not intentional. ...just because.
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Wait, "Battle now. Fight later" how is that different?
ChrisTheS's avatar
"Battle (the enemy) now, fight (with your friends) later."
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Well, true. I'm just pointing that these two words are too similar. 'Argue' would've been better, IMO.
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Your GIF seems to have not worked...
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O, hey, Rarity's in her Countess Dooku garb. Well that don't sound good, no siree.
foldabotZ's avatar
If anything, she looks REAL badass in it!
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Poor Redshift, it's maybe the last time Cookie thwack her, but I'm pretty sure it's not the last time period. ;)

What is Springclean doing ? Stealing a weapon ?
ChrisTheS's avatar
Conjuring one.
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How could you possibly convince fluttershy to fight in a war.
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