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Star Mares 3.3.6: Hard Science

Moon Moth is not a nice pony.  I'm not sure that's been made clear enough, hence why I gave her one of Darth Vader's lines here.

These three technical ponies are named (from left to right) Pipette, Swansong, and Fixer.  Two of them previously appeared in the crowd scene at the end of 1.4, and the third was with the strike team in 'The Admiral'.  I figured these scenes with the Alliance fleet would be a good time to reuse some of the characters I'd already made, rather than taking the time to create new ones - as you'll soon see, I needed that time for something a bit more involved...

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Trope me.
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"Only a Nightmare deals in absolutes" is technically an absolute, so to be accurate, that statement could only be said by a Nightmare.
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Alas, Lucas probably was unaware of the irony when he wrote the original line...
>8/..... aint nothin better happen to Tia.... ahm tearin up cause I yawned!!
She's got those "just drank the white alicorn stuff" eyes...
Eh, they'll probably be disoriented enough that you can separate them before they can get back to fighting. Hopefully.
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Oh it seems someone is trying to get in touch with someone else. This is getting quite good looking forward to see what comes next.
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Gracenote, looks like that Mares' tale may have some truth in it... ^^;
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I sense a great disturbance in the facets. :P
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Ok, someone get me a mallet. Rainbow Dash is a bit too angry here.
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Celestia! You and I are going to have a talk about using mind powers.
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Hey, Cadance did it too, back in 2.1...
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Looks like our highness's needs some royal therapy.
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So, Celly as Obi-Wan, Rainbow as Anakin, on crystal Mustafar. As predicted a LOONG TIME AGO. Unless the aurora speech bubble is Rainbow, in which case o.O! So is Rainbow forcing her memories onto Gracenote trying to subvert her to her side, or is it accidental or what?
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It's actually Crystal Naboo, but there's no dialogue for the duel in Phantom Menace so I borrowed from elsewhere (since I'm definitely 100% never ever going to show Twilight blasting off Skywishes' wings and leaving her for dead next to a river of lava).
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I sense dark magic in rainbow dash.
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Aaaand our dear Rainbow Dash FINALLY makes her appearance/entrance.

Hopefully she's the same Rainbow as her friends in this story all have been so far.

I.E.: Back to her old, normal "Rainbow Dashie" self.
(Translation: The Rainbow Dash from the show that we all know and love.)
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Her friends in this story have mostly been horrible monsters...

(Rarity counts - even if it was for the best of reasons, she did start a war, on purpose).
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Can't remember Twilight being a monster.
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'Most' is not 'all'.
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