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Star Mares 3.3.5: Anything Grows

There's a certain amount of irony in Fluttershy's tree being the largest (although this has more to do with artistic necessity than anything else), but I would like to stress that the Fluttershy of a thousand years in the future isn't quite the same shrinking violet she used to be.  I've lately been rewatching The Clone Wars to try to finish it this time (I haven't actually seen past the middle of season 3) and imagining how I'd adapt stories written for Asajj Ventress or General Grievous -- since Applejack fought for the other side -- for pre-Huntress Fluttershy.

Suffice to say that it's not just Cookiecutter's personal trauma that makes her wary of her new haunt.

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Trope me.
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Don't let popular histories fool you with their simplifications. She can be widely feared and cripplingly polite.
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Unusual that Fluttershy made that joke
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Just because something is a punchline doesn't mean it's a joke to the one who delivers it.
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Scared Fluttershy "How did I get the not-nice one!"
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When you try to eat something indigestible, it usually sticks with you, in one way or another.
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Fluttershy, I don't know if you were trolling or not but that was priceless... :XD:
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That was hilarious and what Fluttershy said at the end was priceless.
*chases Flutters in a ghostbusters outfit*
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Cookie, I think it's time to admit you know next to nothing about Fluttershy and who she truly is. Only so much you can learn from a dusty old book (don't hurt me Twilight).
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Don't antagonize Book Ghost. She's more powerful than you can possibly imagine.
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OK flutters...first time back in however long and that's the line you're going to enter on?  Like a genie out of a Vodka lamp.
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Fluttershy makes a funny.
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"You've got one of your own."
Spring Clean has a seed?  Whose?
ChrisTheS's avatar
She originally stole Applejack's, and then received Rarity's when she gave Applejack's to Moontear.
Has she planted the Seed of Generosity yet?  Also, where IS ghost Rarity?
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No. She's an otaku, and it's an ultimate limited edition collectible.

Rarity's busy doing Rarity things.
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Tirek has a sister?
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That's almost certainly where she got the idea for how to fuel her galactic brainwashing machine...
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My thoughts, in order:
"Ah, the FF9 solution... kinda."
"Are those guys talking in... equestria/SW wingdings?!"
"Fluttershy is the only pony who could say that line and I still thing she's actually serious."

Yeah, "prisoners or provisions". I forget if it's already been discussed, but one of the old SW theories is that the E-woks weren't as... inexperienced... when it came to cooking people as they might seem.
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Ewoks as meat-eaters is 99% confirmed at this point, not just a theory. Too much evidence and obvious hints.

They tried to cook Lukes group.

They have sharp teeth, spear, trap-making skills, hunting tools...

And then the storm trooper helmets at the end, during the feast - during which they most likely ate the troopers.

Basically, Ewoks are probably Hunter-Gatherers, eating both fruits and meat, whatever they can get their hands on at any given time,
and Scavengers as well, grabbing any items they can from fallen prey - in that particular case, Trooper suits to use as drums, shields,
tools, decorations, and so on. And seeing as it was a forest area, many of the troopers were forest troopers,
carrying knives, ropes and other tools, which the Ewoks probably took as well.

A further theory is that some Ewok tribes might even be cannibals, and eating each other when they die.
ChrisTheS's avatar
Strictly speaking, they've got primate-style omnivore teeth, but otherwise yes, ewoks definitely eat meat.

Lemurs, on the other hand, eat fruit and insects.  I suppose it's conceivable that there might be really large bugs on Reindor for them to hunt, and they might initially have mistaken stormhoofer armor for giant carapaces...
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