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Star Mares 3.3.4: Hung Out to Dry

It was easier to work with them in cages than tied to big sticks.

One thing I really wanted to show is how temporarily losing her cutie mark has affected Cookiecutter in the long term - not exactly PTSD, because that's not the tone I'm going for, but she's become a lot more skittish than she used to be (mirroring Kyle Katarn, who got spooked by a close encounter with the dark side and took a long time to recover his confidence).

For those keeping track of the even-further-background ponies, Blitz and Dinnerbelle were two of the commandos trying to steal the Star Destroyer in 'The Admiral', and Lanternlight is the green-and-pink ops unicorn.  It occurred to me that with her penchant for trivia, Spring Clean would probably also be good at remembering everyone's name, personal details, and particular skillset.

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Trope me.
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You know you've really messed up when you've gotten Spring to focus on blaming you.
Hehe. Cookie don't wanna eat da Dough Dough Fruit.... >8)
Time to eat your devil's fruit Cookie...
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Aww but Cookie sometimes you have to do something you don't want to do, it's just life. Sure she tried to kill you but most of the time she wasn't of her right mind. Very nicely done, looking forward seeing how they do get out of this mess.
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Cookiecutter, things worth doing is never easy. Like getting out of the freaking cage. :XD:
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Ooh! Ooh! Ooh OOh Ooh OOh! Ooh!

Pull a FF9 and swing the cages closer!

Or heck, swing them into each other and smash them apart!

Ah! Horeshoes are typically iron, a little flint and those cages... and the rest of the forest... and the imperial base... and the planet...

Hmm... fire.

Wait, what was I talking about?
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I was originally going to do the Pirates of the Caribbean wicker ball thing, but it wouldn't exactly work for hoofed creatures.
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I recall a parody/review of POTC, in reference to the cages and their escape it said something about the pirates breaking the laws of physics to escape.

Ironically, even with hooves I think I could still do it. Granted, it'd involve biting the "chain" it's hanging by and pulling it in and then using my forelegs to brace it while I bit higher up and chained the action until I had managed to pull the chain up...

...and I just realized that even if it worked all it'd do is put me further up a tree with no real plan on getting down. Hmm.
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I presume they are talking about the element of kindness. So in other words Fluttershy almost killed her four times. I can't believe that that is actually what happened.
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In case anybody needs a reminder (like I did):…
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Strictly speaking, it was only actually personal two of those four times.
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