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Star Mares 3.2.24: Mission Start!

Confession time: I think the actual space bits in most Star Wars movies are terribly tedious. I suspect the reason for this is that they are literally filled with background characters who have little to no characterization, and therefore no dramatic reason to care about then when they get blown up (that was part of the inspiration for the comic, after all). RotJ is different, though - partly because the action keeps fairly tightly focused on Lando and Wedge, partly because the model work is so much more detailed, but mostly because it has some of the best music in the entire saga.

I frequently feel like I'm forgetting Wind Whistler in this volume, given that this is only her third appearance - it gets better later, of course, but I find it convenient to slot her in when I need to use a single page as a spacer between scenes.  I think on this page I used all of the poses I had at the time for her in her space-battle gear.

There haven't been as many chances to reference the original MLP movie this volume, but I was determined to get that one line in somewhere.  I think it's important to show flashes of whimsy from Wind Whistler (such as having premonitions she can't explain, maudlin moments when she thinks nopony's looking, and occasionally wearing Lennon glasses) to point out that she's not really 'the Spock' -- although if we want to be pedantic, actual Spock had plenty of those as well.

The font used for Nien Nunb's chatter is called 'Metal Rebel', but apart from the name I don't think it actually has any connection to Star Wars - it was just the best free 'alien font' offering I could find.

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It's kind of an annoying font since some letters look so similar. And the distinction between capital and lowercase letters is just enough for me to notice sometimes but not always, although now that I've figured it out it shouldn't throw me off again if you use the font again.

Anyway, good luck Whistler, and good luck Moontear. May you both survive one last fight.
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Kinda sad that she has to fight Moontear
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Let the battle of the fates begin.
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Oh this will be good, can't wait to see what the Ewokes are in this reality.
Wingdings.  'nuff said...
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the space battles were some of my favorite parts actually. But you are correct that its hard to care about a pilot we've known for barely 5 minutes before he eats hot lasery death.

SPOILER ALERT ( rogue one did it better, by giving us all these entertaining characters during the movie, only to brutally kill them all in the end. )
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You had better come running when I whistle for you, b*tch.
What ? Why did i get sensored ? It's not a bad word, it's a metaphore !
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The phrase "I have a bad feeling about this" just popped into my head.
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Yeah, a lot of the space bits in the prequels are tedious, but then the ground bits in the prequels are frequently tedious as well.  Your reference to the music is apt, since the first thing I thought of when seeing this page was the music.  One of the three biggest musical high points in the movie was the rebel fleet jumping to lightspeed (hyperspace used to be so cool).  The other two were blowing up the shield generator and escaping the death star.  I still get goosebumps from all three moments.
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wow what an intense comic! haha, blushes niggles xd. -tipperino the fedorino-
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