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Star Mares 3.2.13: Dark Side

For the longest time, I thought the Emperor's name was 'Emperor', and was very confused when I started reading the novelisations and wondering who this 'Palpatine' fellow was.

I'm pretty sure that 99.9% of you have already guessed who the Empress is, but it isn't dramatically appropriate to actually reveal it just yet.

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Trope me.
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With a glowing smile like that, underneath the hood, it can only be Raven or Pinkie Pie.

And, Raven voices Twilight, so that's out. :-)

Besides, Pinkie is the only element bearer not yet seen.


Oh no -- The Death Star is a giant Party Canon!
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I can't remember whether I actually made that joke or not... it was definitely in the script but it might have been cut.
and the idea of attracting Lace into the forces of nightmare does not interest them? she's a real princess though. weak but royal.
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She has nothing to offer them. She has no power worth speaking of, and the Empress doesn't need the legitimacy, because she's been winning elections (non-rigged ones, even) for a century (she's a villain with good PR).
she needs an election to be in power? what's the use of being called empress then?
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She rules an Empire, so she's called an Empress.  The only reason they didn't call Celestia one was because she wouldn't let them.

Roman emperors were technically elected too, albeit often by threat of force. By contrast, Pinkie didn't even want to win the elections when she was still herself, but everypony always voted for her because they thought democracy was supposed to be a popularity contest, not a judge of the individual's fitness for the job.
Ah, but that's it, I'm pretty sure it's under the Roman republics, I know that under the empire, the future emperors had to ensure the support of the army and a part of the nobility but I do not know if it counts as elections (especially that in the majority of cases, the candidate was a relative of the previous emperor).

Silly pony. it makes me think of the Americans when they elected president a man very thoroughly in the show but not cut for politics.
Yeah, it's pretty obvious. There's only one mare who could pull off such an excellent crazy laugh:

Cranky Doodle Donkey.
Well, I'm pretty sure that Palpatine performed a complex series of political maneuvers to turn the republic into his empire, so the comment on democracy is a moot point at best since they don't really have elected leaders at the top at this point in canon...
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Yeah, I think in Star Wars the emperor dissolved the senate back in episode 4, making the government effectively just a dictatorship.
That's the way I remember it. Once Palpatine got emergency powers,, he just went "disregard jedi, acquire galaxy."
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Did everybody miss the half-dozen times I mentioned that the Empire turned into a democracy after Celestia was crystallized?
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That was great I really like the final thought. Keep up the great work.
Looks like da only choice is anarchy... So long, space robots... >8E
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My money is its Starlight Glimmer. I want to say Sunset Shimmer as well but I doubt she returned to Equestria at all.
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I'm thinking it is Zecora and the rhyming was just a ruze. That's what I'm getting from the color of the eyes and the shape.
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My first thought was that empress was Luna, but then i noticed that theres no horn. Wont she need it as "sith"?
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Moontear, where have you been when said government reorganized into the Equestrian Empire? ^^;
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It's ALWAYS been the Equestrian Empire. Just up until recently it was ruled by an immortal Princess instead of an elected Empress. The Rebel Alliance leaders are reactionaries who want the old monarchy back instead of this rabble-rousing populism.
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Oh, right. Forgot it was a monarchy. :XD:
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Do I get kudos for guessing a long time ago? :P
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