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Star Mares 3.1: Jabba's Doghouse

And so we come to the final third of the trilogy. In some ways a return to form after the necessary digressions of volume 2, so there will be a lot more interactions with the film events, but I've still allowed myself a lot of freedom to experiment.  Return of the Jedi is and always has been my favorite of all the Star Wars films, so I sincerely hope I've been able to do it justice.

Work on this volume has been slower than others, since I've been making more of an effort to not half-ass things (although old habits die hard).  The character models have undergone some minor tweaking (most noticeably the ears), and the backgrounds are a trifle more detailed than they were wont to be before - I've even done more than one angle of some of them!

Some advanced warning: like the movie, there is a lot of untranslated alien-speak in this volume.  I've made a cheat sheet for the four that I'll be using (note that the Aurebesh and Nal-Huttese fonts use reversed versions of each glyph for the capital letters and I haven't made an effort to make sure that they're all facing the right way).

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I have enjoyed making it.

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Damnit, I don't know how I'm going to read this. The Zonama thing made me realize that I only get to read this for the first time once, so I gotta make the most of it
Never before have I asked myself what I personally think the equine version of a slave Leia metal bikini should look like. And I find that I don't have an answer. Obviously something like… makes it pretty clear, but it doesn't really make much sense. But is there even any way that a horse bikini can make sense?
ChrisTheS's avatar
No, there isn't.  The entire concept of pony lingerie is a gateway to the realms of madness - as is, for that matter, the entire concept of horse (im)modesty.  It's frankly disturbing that I've had to give it as much thought as I have.

A note for the benefit of posterity: make sure you turn on incognito mode before googling 'how many nipples do horses have'.
Way ahead of you. Which is frankly weird; I've Googled weirder things openly.

I can hardly be expected to consider horse bikinis without knowing how many nipples there are and where exactly they are located.
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Oh this will be very good. Can;'t wait to see what the Ewoks are in your ponified universe.
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I'm sorry but I can't take Jabba seriously looking like that, he's too funny. I wouldn't say that to his face in universe of course.
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He's based on a friend's pug (who once tried to eat my D&D minis).
more seed planting to be done I s'pose...
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Haha, your bonk is showing. :P
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Things will come to ahead soon enough. :D
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Well, this is it. The big one, the firework that end of all fireworks; The fire that purifies the silver.; The final nail that put all together.
The final volume of the Star Mares Trilogy. I can't wait of how it ends. Even I know the story but it's about those character.

Moontear is still in her place in the empire although questioning about herself. (I see the fall of the empire.)
Pinkie Pie is nowhere to be found.
And our background friends is still in their merry ways.

You said it's going to have more interactions with the movie story? Well let's see how this does.
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Hey now, don't go raising expectations TOO high :P
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all we need in this comic is pinkie :iconpinkie-pieplz: 

wonder how she looks in celestia mold
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