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Star Mares 3.1.26: Into the Annelids of History

I owe one of you guys for the suggestion to use the tatzlwurm for the sarlacc, but I can't remember which one, so whoever it was, pat yourself on the back :)

I couldn't think of a pony pun for 'Pit of Carkoon', but then it occurred to me that Tacktooine has only been a desert planet for about 90 years, so it would make sense that some places would be named after the Diamond Dogs took over.

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Trope me.
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The sarlacc - er, tatzlwurm - obviously is a magical creature! It can take your paltry 100 year life span, and stretch it out 10 x!

Either that, or it can resurrect you over and over and over, eating you each time.  Take your pick.
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Considering it has the power to make a chaos god sick, I'd say either of those are reasonable assertions.
I always thought it was commenting on how long it took to digest, not how long you would be alive while it digested.
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Nyny nyny
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nyyy nyyy nynyny
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nyyy ny nyny nyny
I shall do so.

Is there an official explanation for how sarlaccs can digest their victims alive for longer than their victims' natural lifespans?
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I'm sure someone has come up with one, but I never read the book it's in. Wookieepedia probably knows.
I looked on Wookiepedia, and the entry on sarlaccs didn't give any explanation.
Hehe, lemme guess. The tatzlwurm is Applejackie, ain't it? Lol..... wait...
Cart of Pikoon

oh the more straightforward Pit of Cartoon, which is like ------___________------
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Doesn't Fett get eaten? :p

I hope Jade has a backup plan for escaping a worm's stomach...
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Oh great, another death sentence. You know Jabba, you should've pick something beside beside a childish golem who wants to brush pony's mane. What's next? An adorable sandworm who wants to kiss them?


A tatzlwurm? I was joking!

Okay, you know what? Just let them go! Let them go before they put you to sleep.
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Something tells me that someling picked the wrong disguise.
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That's why I said earlier that they did Fetlock a huge favor by knocking him out.  I wouldn't worry about Jade too much though; Changelings have a wide array of options for faking their deaths. :P
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Lol that was great, you did a wonderful job with that iconic scene from the movie.
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This continues being remarkably good.
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And then if parallel history is anything to go by, somepony else will end up in there... :XD:
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Yeah. Looks like someling picked the wrong disguise.
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