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Star Mares 3.1.25: Bleak Prospects

It just occurred to me that I make a lot of jokes about medical benefits. I don't know why.  I live in a country where healthcare isn't just a punchline.

Guest spots by :icontp-night:, :iconmdwebster:, and in silhouette, :iconserpensvolucer: and :icondarthrivan:.

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Trope me.
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If you get dental coverage, you're not a real pirate. It says so in the Pirates' Code.
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They're more like guidelines.
Hehe, she's a real rebel. She's a bad girl.... >8}
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It's a pirate's life for her.
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That was great, I love your comic, you are doing a really great job. Looking forward to the next page.
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Gracenote prefers the job security... :XD:
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Is Jabba a giant pug? xD
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That last panel!

It's so easy to forget that they're rebels and not just "the good guys".
In a pirate dental plan, every problem is solved by replacing a tooth with a gold one...
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Blackfeather: As long its that disgrace to the name of griffon and not me, I'm fine with that.
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