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Star Mares 3.1.18: Failure Is Always An Option

Getting the timing of these sequences right was challenging.  Fortunately, since I don't have any sense of the scale of Jabba's palace, I can pretend that the catacombs go on for as long as is necessary to stretch time out to the next scene.

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Trope me.
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Thanks for adding the translation at the bottom, even though it's a fairly famous scene. 
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Wherever there are subtitles in the movie, I've done the same - and likewise wherever there aren't.
The revenge of the oats boxes!
O_o.... can ah have a soda?....
Soda - "How are we doing?"

Skywalker - "Same as always."

Soda - "That bad, huh?"
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There he is, Boba Fettlock, greatest hunter in the galaxy, knocked out and flank up in a box. This never happens to Cad Mane.
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I'm still trying to figure out what species Duros should be... 
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Oh this is getting quite good, I can't wait to see the Skywalker part. Just curious on how the Princess will look on the leash in your story.
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The lack of accent will be a dead giveaway though.
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As Dark Feather pointed out, he is more impressive when he does not speak.
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things are escalating quickly :D
Lol at first i thought Jade was telling Grace Note to hide Maple XD

Maple's plan--Step 1: Follow my moves and sneak around.  Step 2: Be careful not to make a sound.  Step 3 (optional): DON'T TOUCH THAT!

Also, It's LandoPony!  (you *totally* should have named him that)
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Even heroes need support at time Maple Leaf... :XD:
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"They're the heroes! They can take care of themselves!"

Last panel:

I wish you could see the hero within you, Maple.
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I suppose you left Jade's tail red so we could tell it was her, but it would seem to contradict her previously-established skill as a changeling.
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People (and ponies, and dogs, and goats, and antelope, and Kowakian monkey-lizards) tend to see what they expect to see. No sense wasting energy if no-one's going to notice.
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