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Star Mares 3.1.10-11: Doo Bee Tay!

Since this sequence doesn't have a lot of translated text, I tried to add as many visual gags as I could.  Some of them might only be funny to me, of course.

Most of you probably know the tune this is set to, but here it is anyway.  On a side note, does anyone know of any HD fan remixes of ROTJ that use the blu-ray version of Jabba's Palace but the original for the rest of the movie?  (Or even just a version of the Blu-ray release that gets rid of Vader's "NOOOOOOOOO"?)  It's awfully annoying to have to switch between the BR and the Despecialized version at the one-third point to get the version I want to see...

It's a lot trickier than I expected it would be to find real (or even mythological) animal equivalents of certain Star Wars species.  I spent the better part of a day on Google Image trying to find something to use for the Bith before finally settling on the star-nosed mole, and I went through a lot of different types of antelope before settling on the topi for the Twi-leks (the choice of tapir for Rodians was easier, but I made that decision back in volume 1 so it doesn't count). I left Max Rebo pretty much as he was, just changed his feet to make him a pygmy elephant.

Guest appearances by Watermelon Dash (:iconkitty-blu:), a pair of dwarf minotaurs I never got names for (:iconserpensvolucer:), Misty Medax (Scarlett-Honnie Bee), Zebracorn (:icondarthrivan:), and Seaside (:iconblackfeenix:).

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Trope me.
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it's crazy the effect that the flett-machin bounty hunter has on XD people
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What a shame. And Jabba would've loved to hump that beautiful green ass.
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I'm listening to riptide by vance joy while reading this, so it makes it seem like that's what they're singing lol
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Translation of the lyrics:

Panel 1
Jabba: "Ha! Do that again!"
"Hit it! No, no, that one! Doo-bee-tay!" (essentially what happens in the movie)

Panel 2
Gracenote: Bad dog, you're a big bad dog, no treats for you...
Chorus: You're a bad, bad dog.
Gracenote: Gonna rub your nose in the mess you made, naughty boy, yeah yeah.

Panel 4
Gracenote: Don't you make that face at me, you're in deep doo-doo
Chorus: You're in trouble now.
Gracenote: Gonna hafta take away your favorite chew toy, yeeeeeeah

Panel 5
Gracenote: You're in the doghouse, you're in deep.
Chorus: Bye-dee-bye

Panel 6
Gracenote: Lying in a heap
Chorus: Bye-dee-bye
Gracenote: Now best go to sl-

Panel 8
Gracenote: -eep-
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Well, good thing someone did it, 'cause I'd forgotten everything past the first panel...
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I'm a big fan of Star Mares, and happy to help!

Wouldn't it be fairly simple to just re-select the text layer, change the font to Arial, and retain it that way for future reference? The alien scripts are just fonts, right?
ChrisTheS's avatar
Yes, but the way Inkscape handles text is kind of dumb.
Well, there's a surprising amount that'll fly as long as it's not visible to the camera.

I wish Huttese made less use of sets of characters that are just different rotations and reflections of the same glyph. It would be so much easier to read if I could fluently distinguish os from ns from gs, or ds from is from ls from ms.
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If only the people who invented Klingon had got to it first...
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I think I will call her "Oolapi".
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I could never get behind the digital remakes. Especially the musical changes. To me, Jabba was so evil and vile, he didn't deserve chippy and energetic music, it was just... jarring. And some of the old mistakes that had been made were left un-fixed on top of it.

Still, a good compromise here, sure, it'll be hard to look up the translations for... well, everything. But in return, a nice big visual page with a gag at the end.
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I considered translating it in the notes, but then I figured it wouldn't actually be as funny, so I put Salacious Crumb's bobbing head as a sing-along marker instead :)
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Nooooooooooo...                       Well, at least for the Rancor she is Halal.     (i am sorry, i am sorry, i am sorry)
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Yes it is still rated PG you don't see her get eaten so no blood same as in the movie. Still wonderful job keep up the great work, can't wait for the next page.
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"Nah, nah, nah!  Ah Lawa!"
Hehe. Ah ate er.... >8)
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Gracenote, just be glad it wasn't you going into that pit... ^^;
Well that's what u get for slacking Maple...someone else gonna break the wall for ya if you're not on your game.
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What? No dance sequence?
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Zebracorn: Why? Why? She was the most beautiful creature in the galaxy. (Spots another topi girl pass by) Why hello there.

Also, hi there, Cowrustler.
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Its nice to be part of this great series ^^
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Maple that fourth wall has been broken for a looooonngg time!

It cannot be easily repaired.

In that case, a moment of silence for the green antelope...


...give regards to the family.
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Yeah, see here, that last bit is implied clop.
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