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Star Mares 2.4.8: Worst. Cuteceanera. Ever.

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This flashback underwent some major alterations from its original form.  I had intended to draw from William C. Dietz's Dark Forces adaptations for Cookiecutter's backstory, but that was before I had her losing her cutie mark, at which point I couldn't make the timelines square anymore, so I went with something thematically similar but totally different.  Just as well, in retrospect, given that I would have wanted to replace the Jan Ors analogue with a Jyn Erso at this point.

Incidentally, yes, that other filly is Spring Clean, and she's the "Imperial bigwig's foal" being referred to.  Cookie just hasn't realized that because while she strongly suspects that Spring Clean's sister pulled strings to get her into the Imperial navy (and she's not wrong), it never occurred to her that Spring Roll might also have gotten her position through nepotism.  Not all patronage appointments are incompetent, just like not all Imperials are bad and not all Rebels (or proto-Rebels) are good.  Here endeth the lesson.

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Is Zamora breaking the 4th wall, Pinkie style, in panel 1?
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ChrisTheSProfessional Digital Artist
This is another Clue.
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So having finally gotten a good look at Zonama's Cutie mark, I'm wondering:

1. Is this the same "person" as the original series, or a descendant like everyone else,
2. If the power level is the same as in the original series, then who could have cursed this person to be forced to behave this way, or is it in fact a choice?
3. If anything, this is less of a punishment/prison than we saw in the original series, so it certainly is possible that they are being forced. Heck, if it's a descendant, they might not have the power level of the original.

4. Am I neighing up the wrong tree, or have I managed to identify that flank mark on Zonama correctly?

Trying to not spoil anything in case it's not obvious to other readers.
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ChrisTheSProfessional Digital Artist
It's entirely voluntary, and (mostly) for fun.
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So yea, by the end of the chapter, it's who I think it is.
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ChrisTheSProfessional Digital Artist
Congrats. You are pretty much the only one who figured out out in advance :)
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how does she do not recognize Spring? it's exactly the same ... in younger.
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ChrisTheSProfessional Digital Artist
Would you recognize someone you'd only seen once when you were both twelve? Got to make some allowances for this being a cartoon.
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... not false
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zenlord22Hobbyist Writer
Wonder if there is going to be an akward moment with the two 
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GwDuncanHobbyist Writer
No time to be pouty!
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Cookiecutter, she wasn't listening... :XD:
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Lol, that was cool, still interesting issue she had back then. Keep up the great work.
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darthrivanHobbyist Writer
Ex-Confederacy pirates. Not the best career choice in the Imperial era. But I guess when you have combat experience, a warship, an army of battle droids and not even two credits to rub together your choice was pretty obvious.
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ChrisTheSProfessional Digital Artist
I occasionally worry that I'm making it look like there are no actual bad guys among the hoi ponnoi.  Star Wars has never been good at moral subtlety (although I'm hoping Rogue One goes a ways toward remedying that), and in trying to combat that I may have veered too much to the side of "everyone's basically good except for a few bad apples". Not that cartoon ponies are really the best medium to explore moral gray areas either...
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Ooooh. Hehehe...... you care about Spring. Dontcha, Cookie.....
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You were so much more altruistic as a filly, before your invulnerability went to your head.
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ChrisTheSProfessional Digital Artist
Or possibly she just had a moment of adrenaline-induced insanity.
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I can understand why Cookie doesn't remember who Spring is, but it seems that Spring would remember the pony that saved her life by doing something impossible.  Maybe she's just keeping it quiet.  *snicker* Pffft-hahahaha... nope, can't say that with a straight face. :P
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ChrisTheSProfessional Digital Artist
Try comparing a random member of the military with their old elementary school photo :)  

Besides, if anything, her memory of this incident would be more unreliable than other memories because of all the chaos - if the brain isn't certain about some aspect of a memory, it makes up details to make a coherent story, and considering that Spring Clean's entire existence is stream-of-consciousness...
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Worst Cuteceanera for worst padawan. Seems fitting.
(No offence, Cookie. But you really are bad at this job.)
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ChrisTheSProfessional Digital Artist
Give her some credit - she hasn't lost any body parts yet (unless you count the cutie mark).
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