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Star Mares 2.4.4: Straightening Priorities

The thing about folk heroes is that they tend towards utter obscurity outside of their own borders.  Then again, in Star Wars proper, I often wonder whether any individual Jedi has managed to attain much in the way of celebrity status off their own homeworlds.  Certainly if TFA is any indicator, famous smugglers manage to get more press than Jedi masters.

Guest appearances by Doozy (:iconlibbythekautz:), Midnight Blaze (:iconxxrhian-midnightxx:), River Breeze (:iconsandyfortune:), and Swift Shield (:iconblckhwk313:).

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Trope me.
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but Skywishes is a female, right? that dam was Flurry heart no? how did they do to have a baby together?
do not even dare to make me the "TGCM".
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Seriously, magic.  It's already a theoretical possibility for science in reality, so in a magitech society with a 6:1 female:male ratio (in which, according to most fanfiction, gay couples outnumber straight ones), common sense suggests that magically assisted conception would be perfectly normal.
well with science we have the GPA so we already practice with theory, right?
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Ha! Those poor, injured ponies!
That's a nice touch having little Moontears and Whistlers circling those ponies' heads.

But anyway, inciting a panic is an excellent way to achieve a distraction. I hope a distraction is his goal.
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It's also a good way to cause collateral damage, which is probably not what he had in mind.  Fortunately, he has two reasonably competent mares to clean up after him.
Hehe. Maybe she just wants to get her good side.....
PhoenixFlambe's avatar
That might be the best course of action.
ChrisTheS's avatar
Panic is often the best course of action.  It gets a bad rap, I say.
tigreanpony's avatar
That was great still, I'm glad I was partially right about Darkfeather.
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Take Wind Whistler's word for it, I'm surprised he's an government official... :XD:
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Owning a controlling interest in the colony has a way of promoting people beyond their level of competence.
darthrivan's avatar
Abandon the city? That's a good plan. Never liked this place anyway. Hardest map on Battlefront.
ChrisTheS's avatar
Best levels in Jedi Outcast, though.
blckhwk313's avatar
Apparently I got my flank kicked or something. xD
ChrisTheS's avatar
Crashed into an inopportunely-placed building :)
blckhwk313's avatar
Curses! Fixed, large, easily avoidable objects.... my only weakness! That and mares with pretty smiles...
albedoequals1's avatar
Hehe, looks like poor River got to be a bonk pony today. :P
uguardian's avatar
No mysterious Ice Cream Stallion running for the airlock?
ChrisTheS's avatar
The downside of our POV characters being outside the city is the inability to directly observe activities inside it.

Not that I would have thought of it anyway, given that at the time I made this I wasn't aware of all the random junk that the props department used for the scene.
uguardian's avatar
It's more of a meme anyway.

But you never know when little jokes like that will appear.
The storm trooper failing to clear the doorway being echoed
by Jango Fett, for example.
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