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Star Mares 2.4.27: End Credits

I sometimes wish Star Wars did have post-credits features, if only because it would make these pages a little more interesting.

Compiled issues coming right up, and then Special #2 starts tomorrow :)

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Trope me.
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I see Fizzy and Lickety-Split in the credits but don't remember seeing them in the comics. Could you let me know where they show up? They were some of my fav from G1 :)

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They're Imperial officers. Normally they don't talk so they don't usually show up in the credits, but I believe they had speaking roles in the omake segment with Redshift (I can't remember off the top of my head which issue that was in). I also don't remember what they look like because back then I was just grabbing random cutie marks to fill out the extras and only associated them with the relevant ponies later :)

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Ah ok thanks. I think I found Lickety-Split in an omake but not Fizzy yet. I'll keep looking

ChrisTheS's avatar

I think Fizzy is the grey one with purple Pinkie-ish hair. You can probably find her more easily in volume 1 (try the pancake-eating scenes).

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aw she's not green with a pink and white mane anymore? I loved how you've been referencing G1 in any case. Wind Whistler is hilarous

ChrisTheS's avatar

Like I said, I was using random cutie marks at first, and Lickety-Split and Fizzy's were extremely similar so it involved less work. I don't think I even knew which was which until I had to put a name to them on this page.

I forgot that Cookiecutter was played by Twilight's rebellious, reformed singing voice.
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It wasn't until going over this page looking for Billy Dee Williams as Bronco Cowrustler that I made a connection. Back in the day, Williams starred in commercial spots using his alluring voice and charming smile to promote a beverage called...COLT 45. Perfect. :D
I'm vastly amused by your choice for Zonma's voice.  I think I'd have gone with Whoopie Goldberg, personally, since she fills the role of "wise mentor" on Star Trek, but I think it still works.   
ChrisTheS's avatar
I was going by the vocal tone of Flemeth. Guinan is a little too friendly sounding.
darthrivan's avatar
Janet Varney. Wow Moontear doesn't even have Dash's VA. Someone needs to write a letter to those cloning ponies. Still I like these end credits. They'll help me picture the characters voice a lot better. Funny enough if this had been a movie Feather's VA would have really thrown us for a loop.
albedoequals1's avatar
Cookie is Shoichet?  I'll admit I pictured her voice very differently until now.  (Probably still will in the future, to be honest. :P)
ChrisTheS's avatar
Originally I had her and Dark Feather swapped, but then I went and gave Feather one of Rainbow's cutie marks, so I switched them to keep people guessing. She's versatile enough that I don't think it makes that much difference.
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Dolby Digital logo but isn't that a... Oooooohhhh XD
BOOOOOOM5's avatar
Derpy Digital.........
ChrisTheS's avatar
Finally someone noticed.
bauerle's avatar
I noticed it a few months ago but now I can't find the page I commented on;
I think it was one of those RPG interludes and I don't see them in your gallery - ???
ChrisTheS's avatar
They're there.  I don't remember putting one on any of the guest strips though.
BOOOOOOM5's avatar
Well, maybe their brains were a bit.... DERPY.
 GEEETTTTTTT DUNKED ON!!!!! GEEETTTTTTT DUNKED ON!!!!! Sans Chat Icon Sans Intensifies 
shyal-malkes's avatar
Darn, now I'm hearing Talon Card's voice like Mark Hammil's "The Joker".
ChrisTheS's avatar
If only we could somehow have Mark Hamill aged 30 and Mark Hamill now in the same movie as opposing characters...
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And that was The Empire Strikes Back.
What else can I say?

My love for the actual Empire Strike Back is not just because of how artsy or how thrilling it is than the first one.
It's the Yoda scenes. Yeah, I like how philosophical Yoda is in that movie.

But what about this comic? It's pretty good. It's biggest strength is how it kept us guessing on the identity of Dark Feather until it hit us. (Although it not really perfect considering that we had to know the toys firsthand.) Of course the comedy is how satirical on the Hollywood tropes is presented on Discord's Planet. (Great Job on the Twist on Discord by the way.) Although the transformation on Cookie Cutters still bugs me and I do disagree with that it only works on melodramas. I can say that it can still work in comedy when focus is really big on Cookie Cutter, playing our expectations that she is becoming an Alicorn but the punchline was that she doesn't have a horn. That would make a joke more potent. Oh well.

Oh, yeah. The Huntress is really great as a villain. (Not my sweet Fluttershy, she's too gentle to be a monster.)

Overall, You did really a good job.
General5's avatar
Can't wait for the next one!
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