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Star Mares 2.4.21: Half Measures

It's hard to tell for sure this far after the fact, but I'm pretty sure that panel 3 was the first I wrote for this whole volume.  I tend to pick the lines from the movie that I want to use well before I actually have a plot to insert them into (and for some reason, a disproportionate amount of my planning happens while emptying the dishwasher in the morning).

Of course I wasn't going to actually make Cookiecutter an alicorn :P  It would be totally inappropriate for her to become a princess before Skywalker does.  Not to mention, not nearly as funny :)

Even the wings are a bit of a pain to work with, because the princess wings are wider at the joint than the standard wings, so I've had to adjust the saddle position to accommodate them.

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Trope me.
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Spookyshy, the timid ghost
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I think Fluttershy might want to stay on the other side of the party for a while. I don't foresee Cookiecutter getting away from Spring for a while, so she can just hang out with Rarity and give Cookiecutter some time to get used to her existence.
"Sorry Cookie, but your princess-hood is on another planet!"
Sturmlion1's avatar
Flutters is in for a hard time for a while I think.
BOOOOOOM5's avatar
Don't you mean a BAD time?
Sturmlion1's avatar
No, she is going to have a hard time dealing with that spoiled princess. There not a good fit really.
GwDuncan's avatar
Poor Flutters, she got the aggressive one
blackfeenix's avatar
Dont thing the wings are going to stay long couse they are tropping allready in the first panel :D

Anyway, i my opinion best scene yet.
ColdSnap777's avatar
M.A. Larson where you at?
GwDuncan's avatar
At least when Larsen makes alicorns it makes sense compared to Haber(the man do not respect the lore)
PhoenixFlambe's avatar
She's actually gonna become a princess? Didn't know changing races is possible.
ChrisTheS's avatar
Maybe, maybe not.  Not within the scope of this trilogy.  And she's still an earth pony, she's just got wings too now.
So earth pony with wings. Does that mean she lacks pegasi magic and therefore can't actually fly with them?
GwDuncan's avatar
So she turned halfway I guess
PhoenixFlambe's avatar
You mean for now?
tigreanpony's avatar
Lol, Cookie's face in the last panel so perfect. Remember Cookie she wasn't of her right mind thanks to Nightmare. You brought her back to the light so treat her nicely. Also you might have to protect her from the Breezie Queen.
MDWebster's avatar
Okay, go easy on her, she's a very sensitive soul.


Oh, who am I kidding? This is going to hurt.
ChrisTheS's avatar
There are advantages to being incorporeal.  Although at the moment Cookiecutter's stare could give the master a run for her money.
MDWebster's avatar
It's poor Fluttershy's guilt I'm worried about.
Reshiram95's avatar
i hope she get use to flying like twilight in the season 4 
AJR001's avatar
Real smooth Fluttershy... :XD:
shyal-malkes's avatar
CC and FS... awkward.

Also, I keep imagining that line "but you are not a princess yet" in Darth Vader's voice. And it ALMOST sounds serious!
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