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Star Mares 2.4.2: Modesty is the Best Policy

By ChrisTheS
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You're lucky that this isn't the sort of rebellion that fires those who don't contribute sufficiently. In a rebellion, there's a decent chance that the firing is quite literal.
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Hehe..... Maple Syrup....
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Shining is researching a way to free Celestia, Cadance and RD then. I imagine that will take until the ROTJ equivalent is done with and the empress is down the Nightmare Moon 2's reactor shaft :P
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That was good I forgot the Correllian corvettes could land.
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darthrivanHobbyist Writer
I have to agree with Maple. Finally have some time to yourself and don't eant it jinxed and sent into danger.

Diamond Dogs? Interesting.
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That would be great on your combat record, Disabled entire spacestation w/ buzzed pancakes.
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Never piss of the cook of a ship...
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Maple Leaf, this job doesn't do slackers very well... ^^;
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ChrisTheSProfessional Digital Artist
She's a pastry chef who's been shanghaied into a military organization mostly against her will. It's entirely reasonable for her to want to avoid front-line postings.
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And yet, she made pancakes that incapacitated an entire division of troops... ^^;
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ChrisTheSProfessional Digital Artist
The ability to inflict massive damage does not connote the will to do so.
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AprionHobbyist General Artist
its funny how those that try to avoid those postings end up in them all the more. and crazily enough they always make it out alive through a boatload of shenanigans and crazy stupid luck XD
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But isn't being talentless equals no cutie mark.
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ChrisTheSProfessional Digital Artist
She didn't say she was talentless, she said her talent was useless (ignoring the evidence to the contrary).
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MDWebsterHobbyist Writer
"Shh, I don't want them to giving me any more assignments."

:diabolic: Just you wait, Maple Leaf.
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I missed Spring Clean. Always ready to hide her skill to stay safe. XD
And she's so happy in panel 2. XD
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ChrisTheSProfessional Digital Artist
Obviously I've left her offscreen too long, since people are forgetting her name...
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OMG, it's Maple Leaf ! Why did I wrote Spring Clean ? XD
I love Maple, please forgive me, she's my favorite I think. I'm such an idiot. Whyyyyyyyy ?

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Oooh, so we'll see Gracenote in RotA opening? Nice, Nice, Nice.
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Is the ship landing right next to the statue while Grace Note is on the phone?  The last frame has the window blocked by crystals.
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ChrisTheSProfessional Digital Artist
It's a ruined building, actually, but yes. Straight recycle of the same scenery I used at the start of 2.1.
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