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Star Mares 2.3: Carbonited Soda

This issue is my favorite so far. So far, the third issues of each volume have been my chance to play - most of the sets have been built and all the establishing stuff has been taken care of, so I get to just run with the plot threads I've started before I have to wrap them up in the last issue.  I suspect things will be a bit different in volume 3 with the way I have it set up, but hopefully not too much.

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Trope me.
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Does anypony ever naturally have a cutie mark that metal? Or is it partially or wholly faked?
ChrisTheS's avatar
I'm 90% sure it's a tattoo. He does have a brand to maintain, after all.
ZanarNaryon's avatar
Well, he's de facto Mand'alor, so having a Mythosaur skull for a cutie mark would kinda make sense
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tigreanpony's avatar
Very nicely done, really loving your comic.
MDWebster's avatar
Oh boy, I bet this is when things are going down.
TheFerbguy's avatar
OMG, Boba Fett pony.
ChrisTheS's avatar
Not new, he was in an omake already :)
Aprion's avatar
oh the puns, the puns. they hurt XD but in a good way
PhoenixFlambe's avatar
Ah the puns, let's hope they really didn't turn him into soda
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