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Star Mares 2.3.5: Ghostbusted

(Haven't actually seen the new Ghostbusters on account of not being that much of a fan of the old one.  My friends tell me it's pretty good, but I'd rather use one of my twice-yearly chances to see a movie on Star Trek Beyond, and I won't have another opening until Rogue One is out.)

I think I did a decent job of recreating the illusion effects from 'Luna Eclipsed' (and even transferring one of the poses from it from Nightmare Moon to Flutterbat).  The sonnet was my wife's idea - I prefer limericks, myself :)

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I'm not sure people are allowed to not like the original Ghostbusters . . .

And I wouldn't really call that an inspirational sonnet. It's more a sonnet of warning. A dire sonnet, if you will, which incidentally is also the most likely result of a bard trying to cast a Summon Nature's Ally spell.
well at least there's no goo...
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wow  just like  nightmare moon ^^ flutterbat 
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Quick, give Flutterbat all your candy!
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Careful, she might evolve :p
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Lol, this will be very interesting and I bet after she beats Flutterbat I think Fluttershy's ghost will follow her. Still I could be completely wrong to, looking forward to what is next.
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That's assuming she's going to win...
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That stare is OP as f[buy some apples!]... :XD:
Hehehe, just hit er with some butter. She'll turn back quick. Just straight butter her like toast...... NO, ED! NO! GET AWAY!! MOMMAA!!
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Limmerick? Sonnet? Clearly! Zonama's Zebra-British!

Also, if you have only bi-yearly cinema visits, don't waste one on the new Star Trek. Trust me. It's not worth it.
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See, I have people I actually know who tell me that it's their favorite one so far.  I also liked The Final Frontier and Into Darkness, which to hear internet people talk about them are somehow worse movies than Manos: The Hands of Fate, so it would have to be really, really bad for me not to be entertained.
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Not that it's any of my business, but why only twice yearly?
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Two kids under five. No babysitter.  Rare visits by and to the grandparents rarely coincide with anything we want to see.
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You know Cookie, they say fear is the path to the darkside. And much fear I sense in you.

Yeah, I went to see Civil War and I'm saving my money until Magnificent 7.
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Haha, I didn't realize it was a sonnet until she pointed it out.
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It's not exactly a common form these days.  I had to look it up to get the rhyme scheme right, and I studied all three major styles of the darn things in college...
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Yeah, that's absolutely true.
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