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Star Mares 2.3.22: Dance with the Devil

The top panel is meant to evoke Luke climbing the stairs in the carbon chamber to face Darth Vader, but on the computer I'm posting from the silhouette is harder to make out than I intended.  I've really got to calibrate my other monitor one of these days...

The flame in the eyes is not merely cosmetic: it's the source of the beam weapon we saw way back on 2.1.20. It felt appropriate to upgrade the Stare to frickin' lazer beams, since otherwise just not looking at her would take away most of her power.  Fortunately for Cookiecutter, it takes a little while to charge.

The line about dragons was (before i did the crossover with FiD) one of only two references to Dark Forces in the comic (the kell dragon that you're required to beat up with your bare hands on Jabba's cruise ship).

The "I'm not afraid / You will be" line was transposed into several different places in the script before finally winding up here (originally it was Zonama who said it, like Yoda did in the movie, but then I would have had to fit it into the sonnet somehow).

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Trope me.
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Dat lighting!
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The scene I was matching was all about mood lighting :)
Has anypony ever told you that you're really creepy, Fluttershy?

No, I wouldn't imagine anypony would have been brave enough to do so.
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Didn't they tell her that in the last Nightmare Night episode?
I'd say there's an important difference between the ability to create scary settings and the ability to be scary yourself.
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This is gonna be...interesting.
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This will be good. Poor Fluttershy I hope Cookie Cutter can help her...this is just not like her. I can't wait to see how this turns out, looking forward to the next page.
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You should've had more training Cookiecutter... ^^;
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Well, I hope Cookie has made her last will and testament. I'm assuming if she did, Spring Clean gets nothing.

You've effectively made her three times more intimidating with that final panel. And really like the dialogue for this one.
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Spring'd just sneak off with it all after the wake anyway.
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epic confrontation time :D
ChrisTheS's avatar
Or at least as epic as a lazy person's limited art skills allow for :P
Aprion's avatar
its all in the delivery :D even with limited options you can create something great :)
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Flutters has become some sort of empathic vampire? Zounds!
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When I read the "I'm not afraid!" line, this popped into my head, and now I can't get it out of there... Singing…
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My goodness, Fluttershy is now... a monster.

TAC - shakespeare Alas, poor Fluttershy. I knew you, dear gentle flower.
A beautiful yellow pegasus pony with a heart of utmost fair.
You started as a shy little sprout that stands comfortably in the shade.
Till the sun, that colors a rainbow, brought you from the comforting shade and that sun grows and bloom into a gentle flower.
A gentle flower gives a butterfly her nectar and thousand smiling faces of children.
Now I abhorred in my imagination as the afflicted winds of war created,
Monstrous briar of weeds (Namely the Memes with you as a bat and a pony need of anger managment) that trampled that gentle flower; tearing it's fair pedals to ruin.
Where are your smiles; your kindness and your gentleness that soothes this weary world? As the thorns prevented the stinging bees from approaching the gentle flower.
Now we must get you to the Princess' chambers where she'll cast out the thorns and weeds from you; extend your hoof to your aid as your gentle flower sprouts once again from the comforting shade.

Really Sad (Groan)

:D Well, that was fun! Who's for another round of popcorn?
ChrisTheS's avatar
Alas, the Princess too is hard beset,
And in no state to succor the accursed.
For while the blowing winds of war abet
The dreaming of our pony fair, who durst
Abandon all for promise of a future
In which no conflict troubles any foal,
No possibility exists to suture
Her broken heart, 'til she achieve her goal.
It lies within the hooves of ponies lesser
To aim for heights that others have bereft,
And try to claim the crown of the successor
Before in blackened dust they're ground and left.
If Cookie will survive the Flutter's rage,
We will for now await a later page.

Gah... sonnets are way harder to write when you're sleep-deprived :(
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You do realize I didn't use rhymes.
ChrisTheS's avatar
Yes, but it doesn't feel like a blank verse kind of day to me.  Besides, it could be taken as Zonama offering color commentary (to remind everyone that she's still there) :)
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What?! Princess Luna? Did she eat her?
PhoenixFlambe's avatar
Ouch that still hurts.
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