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Star Mares 2.3.14: Out on the Town

Cloud City in the movie looks more like a fancy hotel than a mining colony, so I wanted to play up that angle.  And to get Moontear into a dress for once and get some quality spa time. And to force them to meander through the city at a time when actual heroes might rush headlong into danger and get themselves into an even worse mess.

This was the second page I wrote for this issue - the rest of the Wind Whistler/Moontear scenes were slotted in around it (although it underwent quite a bit of revision since its first appearance - it was originally a two-page spread, but I needed the space and I'd run out of things for them to do anyway).  I don't know why Wind Whistler is wearing Lennon glasses - it just seemed appropriate at the time.  Likewise, the 'Goops for Stuff' bag and the ice cream cone just sort of appeared in the scene without any conscious effort on my part.  The Star Bucks stand, the 'cheating at Space Roulette' bit and the variation on Rainbow Dash's first gala dress required a bit more actual work.

Guest appearances by Doozy (:iconlibbythekautz:), Stormy (:iconheathfiedler:), Ferb Fletcher (:icontheferbguy:), and Cuppashine (Julia Sweet).

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Ha! I expected Moontear to get jealous in panel two, but instead she's just genuinely surprised.
ChrisTheS's avatar
She's used to avoiding the Rainbow Dash Fan Club. The idea that she might have fans in her own right has never actually occurred to her.
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This is totes not a date.
bauerle's avatar
It took me a couple viewings before I noticed you'd given WW realistic (for ponies) glasses - all other art I've seen (including the show) just has them somehow balancing on their noses...
ChrisTheS's avatar
I did the same with Maple Leaf's safety goggles back in 1.1.  Although one might argue that on a horse (or any other species with articulated ears), the pince-nez might actually be more appropriate...
It is entirely logical that you should need to appear to be going nowhere in no particular hurry to avoid attracting attention. Going on a date is simply one of the sacrifices you must make to achieve this illusion.
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xD drinking alone is never a good idea for any pony. xD but hey what can one do. Stormy is broody after his mishap >.<
Wind Whistler appears to be conditioning Moontear to have positive associations with certain activities...
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How much money does she make selling out as mascot?
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If we hurry, we'll attract attention, so let's go slow.  And if we just walk slow, we'll attract attention, so let's go to this spa.  And this store.  And this cafe . . .

On a side note, I agree with Cloud City looking more like a fancy hotel.  It seemed awfully clean for some mining outpost, but, then again, they probably mine gasses there.
ChrisTheS's avatar
Gas + fluctuating temperatures due to industrial processes = horrible residue that gets all over everything.  And you probably don't want to think about the humidity...
Dante-Wynter's avatar
Hadn't thought of all that - and then there's the smells now that I think on it some more.
tigreanpony's avatar
That was great, and I applause you for the ship. I would ship them as well. Keep up the great work I think the not rushing was a great way to do this good logic Wind.
You know what? It's official. Ahm gonna start callin her Moon Moon. XD
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Let's date our way across the city. It works.
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Now, if only it weren't for the fact that the galactic tabloids have been trotting out this headline for years on the basis of the slightest evidence... :)
GwDuncan's avatar
Well, Sardonyx would say something like this: Yes, yes, we´ve  seen it and heard itLuvly Sardonyx . But now there are actual holopics with them on a date
AJR001's avatar
Somepony call FedEx because they missed this shipping schedule... :XD:
ChrisTheS's avatar
"Hi, how much would it cost to ship one tsundere 1200 light years?"
AJR001's avatar
I say 2000 credits. ^^;
Aprion's avatar
these two need to stop messing about and kiss already XD
ChrisTheS's avatar
But that would spoil the ambiguity :P
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