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Star Mares 2.2: Jackasteroids

For centuries this poor guy has been trying to find a nice quiet place to take a nap, and something always comes along to spoil it.  I don't blame him for being cranky.

This issue will be full of secrets and revelations, and I hope a few surprises. Stay tuned :)

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Trope me.
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aaaaah the majestic and terrifying dragons of the first seasons ... I still can not get used to the idea that they have replaced them with these tiny and foolish creatures!
The first thing to pop into my head for this scene was the Tatzlwurm, but of course you'd want to save that to be the sarlacc. You could almost pass off the Tatzlwurm as an actual sarlacc.
ChrisTheS's avatar
Thanks for reminding me, I've been trying to think of something to replace the sarlacc and for some reason that one kept slipping me by...
A giant parasprite would have been so much more lol :)
ChrisTheS's avatar
There'd be nothing left of the asteroid field...
tigreanpony's avatar
Lol, I was wondering how you would use that dragon.
momowo's avatar
why the dragon and not the Quarray eel?

ChrisTheS's avatar
Because I can't really imagine the eel being able to survive in deep space.  Also, I didn't think of it at the time :P
momowo's avatar
dragons are cooler anyway...
BB-K's avatar
It's even better, though I wonder why as well. The eel is a better candidate.
Reshiram95's avatar
im amazed  a dragon like him can breathe in space?
ChrisTheS's avatar
Dragons obviously don't require oxygen except as fuel for their fire breath :)
DarthWill3's avatar
PhoenixFlambe's avatar
If I'm correct that dragon's name is basil?
ChrisTheS's avatar
I dunno. I'm strictly peripheral to the fandom so I don't know all the memetic stuff.
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Reading the word revelations made me think who Dark Feather could be and I realized that it could be Starlight. Since Anakin (as Darth Vader) killed his mentor (Obi-Wan) in the original it could fit with Starlight (as Dark Feather) killing her mentor (Twilight). Though I don't know exactly when you made this so it could be Sunset Shimmer since she's in a similar position to Twilight.  
ChrisTheS's avatar
She's not Sunset - I have something specific in mind for Sunset which is outside the scope of the original trilogy (and I don't know if I'm ever going to actually do it, because I can't figure out a way that would let me tell that story from the perspective of background ponies).
Isenlyn's avatar
XD, I didn't expect that.
But it fit well, good job.

And here is my nitpicky mind (don't take it personaly, it's just my eyes are made to annoy artist), but isn't there a problem with the TIE bomber in the foredround ? (Nice model by the way)
I think it's the bomb droper that shouldn't be on the cockpit side. I'm pretty sure it's because you inverted the model then changed the position of the cockpit to make it fly to a different direction, but then the droper is inverted as well.
Sorry to be a bother, please forgive me and accept my apologies, hear some flowers. Flower Love 
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I hate building spaceships, so if I get to a point that I can say 'eh, good enough,' I stop there :P
Isenlyn's avatar
Good enough for me too. ;)
It just bothered me for a while. ^^
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hahahah interesting xD oh hey i was wondering unless i missed it as for stormy i was just wondering if he had made any appearances yet?
I know he is a background pony i just wasn't sure when he might pop up xD
ChrisTheS's avatar
Next issue, I believe.
heathfiedler's avatar
lol ok n.n ill keep an eye out!

lol dat pun xD
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