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Star Mares 2.2.3: The Big Deal

This is the one and only plot point I've allowed you lot to influence me on, and only because it made way more sense than what I actually was planning.

Moontear was originally going to be a descendant of Rainbow Dash (who I figured would be the only one of the six to actually have descendants, since the whole 'immortality' thing traditionally puts a crimp in stuff like that), but when it came to actually explain Moontear's reasoning for her resentment of Dash, it didn't really add up - whereas if, on a more basic level, she essentially was Rainbow Dash, the angry responses to being compared with her felt more appropriate.  Plus, given that clones are a big part of Star Wars, having the 'Dash Clone' archetype not actually be a clone would have been a missed opportunity.

For the explanation of why she's not completely identical, you'll have to wait for the page after next :)

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Well I guess this does explain some things.
ZanarNaryon's avatar
Well, that's a twist
ChrisTheS's avatar
More of an un-twist, I'd say.  No-one ever expects the obvious.
DrakeRenar1's avatar
Did not see that coming, though because of her mane style I kind of figured this would happen!
shyal-malkes's avatar
I had a change in a fanfic I wrote once because the fans wanted it. I say fans, I should say "fan" which was part of the issue, with only one person even commenting I could either change it and go with 100% of the fans desires... or not change it and risk alienating 100% of my fans.

I only had two regrets, one was that I picked things wrong, if I'd picked them right then I could have had things my way (it's complicated) but I'm not sure it would have turned out better. The second was that I had to pull a deus-ex machina and small retcon in order to account for the change.

Beyond that, eh, it worked well enough. Ultimately the change was between "mini-villain dies at the hands of his mortal foe" verses "mini-villain gets told he has another chance and gets put on a bus"…
ChrisTheS's avatar
I have a habit in my D&D games of putting villains on a bus, and then bringing them back with a new disfiguring injury each time.  My players derive endless amusement from this.
Dante-Wynter's avatar
Oh.  I see.  Hmm.
For some reason, it surprises me that she doesn't sound like Dash, but it doesn't surprise me that she doesn't look like Dash.

Not that I actually read her lines in Korra's voice, but I remember I'm supposed to.
tigreanpony's avatar
This is great I had a feeling it was something like that, especially after you had that little RP Group comic a while back.
SilverYuno1's avatar
Deadpool icon This changes everything!! 
AJR001's avatar
Well, didn't expect that... ^^;
That's right! You're a recolor OC! XD Now gimme those tears, gurl. Ahm quite thirsty...
albedoequals1's avatar
How is it that Card is the first pony to notice a missing cutie mark on a public display piece that's been there for centuries?  If a bigwig rebel (Shining) can get to it, it's certainly not restricted.
ChrisTheS's avatar
It's in the middle of a ruined city on a ruined planet under the control of a ruthless criminal syndicate. Shining Armor is a thousand-year-old unicorn with a talent for shield magic, so he doesn't care about upsetting the locals.
Sidekick-lover's avatar
Sturmlion1's avatar
Mirror pool clones. So the dupes were seeing are clones of the originals. So we have seen dupes of RD and Pinkie Pie. Any others I may have missed?
ChrisTheS's avatar
Fizzy's not a Pinkie clone, they just have roughly similar hair...
Sturmlion1's avatar
True, but we do see a Imp officer that looks like Pinkie.
ChrisTheS's avatar
Yes, that's Fizzy. She looks like Pinkie in about the same way that Lyra looks like Minuette. And I haven't actually decided yet whether she's really an earth pony or a unicorn who's using her voluminous forelock to conceal her horn.
Krystal3108's avatar
so Rainbow Dash is reference to Galen Marek formerly known as Star Killer.
ChrisTheS's avatar
Is she? I've only played the first game.
Krystal3108's avatar…
Galen Marek: i'm not him!
Rahm Kota: i may be blind but i'm still connected with the force.
Galen Marek: i'm not Starkiller! I'm a clone, grown in a vat by Darth Vader to take the old Starkiller's place at his side.
Rahm Kota: (laughing) is that what Vader told you?
Galen Marek: yes!
Rahm Kota: i don't believe it no one can clone a jedi, it's never done before.
GwDuncan's avatar
Knew she looked too much like her
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