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Star Mares 2.2.10: Rain Check

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Cookie cutter I know an easier way to become a princess than to beet the hunters. Just ask M.A Lawson he should do the job.
Hehehe. Cookie know she be wantin dem wings and horn. She know she wanna add some chocolate chips....
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Technically, Earth Ponies may/may not operate TIE fighters so they do fly... :XD:
ChrisTheS's avatar
I don't think Cookiecutter considers clones to be real ponies...
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For starters, she's not very nice.
she's gonna get a cookie...
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Poor Spring, all alone :(
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Yes, bow to the great Princess Cookiecutter!  In all seriousness, not expecting it to happen, but who knows?  The author is the one in charge of the story after all.  Won't kill the story if it does happen.
SerpensVolucer's avatar
I mean, Kyle Katarn did become a Jedi Master, so it would make sense for Cookiecutter to go alicorn.
darthrivan's avatar
NO! Get out of there you adorable little fool! Why do you have to care so much?

Guess that just goes to show the difference in this team up. Cookiecutter would have rather had anyone else to partner with and holds Spring in a very low regard. Spring on the other hand is risking a lot by going to find someone she considers a friend. And I could be wrong but I feel an early confrontation is about to be forced.
albedoequals1's avatar
I have a feeling that Spring Clean is going to save the day somehow.  The only evidence I can offer to support this conclusion is that it would be embarrassing for Cookiecutter.
MDWebster's avatar
Suddenly, Cookiecutter's head had just grown her wings and then flown up to cloud nine.
Aprion's avatar
That last panel is missing something..... oh wait, here it is…
That seals it then. You're going to owe your life to Spring Clean before long, not that you'd ever admit it.
tigreanpony's avatar
And then Spring Clean some how befriends Flutter bat and saves Cookie. I mean that is what Grrr did in Invader Zim and also how Pinkie Pie works. Cause it is obviously Spring is channeling the Pinkie Pie.
ChrisTheS's avatar
Spring is pretty much an amalgamation of every cartoon lunatic (except possibly Bullwinkle).
TP-Night's avatar
okay, I might be reading too deep into this, but...

In the description you say Spring Cleans spiky lock IS symbolic... and it's kinda pointing at the shadows..
which kinda resembles three heads...

Is she gonna encounter a Hydra now...? XD
ChrisTheS's avatar
Cookiecutter's spike (which looks suspiciously hornlike) is symbolic.

Spring Clean just has flyaways.
TP-Night's avatar
sorry, really tired and un-caffeinated, mis-read description.. XD
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oh i love spring clean facial expression in the last panel
SerpensVolucer's avatar
Don't try to fool us Cookie. Every girl dreams of being a pretty princess, and you're no exception.
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*innocent whistling*
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