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Star Mares 2.1: Ergot Base

Here we are with Volume 2, "The Empire Bucks Back."

A reminder, for the benefit of readers who've joined during the interlude and haven't gone back over the archive yet - the characters on the covers are not the POV characters of the comic.  I use the covers to showcase parts of the movie that I can't really depict otherwise, and there's rather a lot of this movie that I can't use for obvious reasons.  So from here on out it's largely original territory, attempting to parallel the main story points as much as possible while not being strictly bound by them.

Once again, this cover uses the original movie poster as a guide.  It's also the first look at the new Dark Feather model, which I've largely redone to hopefully be more intimidating.

I probably should have updated the crawl text on the back to reflect the fact that it takes place four years after the previous volume, but it's a pain due to Inkscape's very poor perspective tools, and I play fast-and-loose with the timeline anyway.

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Lace and Can look like they ought to get a room.
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That's nothing compared with one of the interludes...
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I see no reason that you should apologize for being creative.  The original story and characters are the best part of this*, so any time you dump the source material and make something new, it just makes me like it more.

*aside from ponies getting bonked cross-eyed, of course :P
ChrisTheS's avatar
A lot of comments I got on the first issue (and even into the second) basically amount to 'when are you going to stop following these silly background ponies and start telling the real story?' :P

Although part of that could be due to poor communication on my part.  I only reiterated the premise of the comic about six times, hardly enough to make the point ;)
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This is just awesome.  From the name of the volume, to Can and Lace blushing at each other, to ponified Lando... you got me chuckling.  Can't wait to see the ocs again!
ChrisTheS's avatar
It's a good thing Can and Lace are mostly behind other ponies.  I really don't know how shipper artists manage to get horses into plausible romantic poses...
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ohh i cant wait X3  i loved the first installment :D
ChrisTheS's avatar
I sometimes wish I could just release everything at once - being roughly three months ahead of what I'm posting is starting to confuse me :(
Aprion's avatar
I can see how that could be confusing. Still you have to pace it carefully or you run out at some point before you can make more, and then you will have a bigger problem right ^^
ChrisTheS's avatar
Well, I usually produce 10-11 pages every two weeks and I only need to do 7 to keep up my pace.  I should probably cut back to only working on it 4 days a week, but I don't want to lose my momentum.
Aprion's avatar
gotta strike while the iron is hot right :)
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Most impressive.
Dante-Wynter's avatar
Oh, this is gonna' be good! Can't wait to see AT-AT's!
ChrisTheS's avatar
Unfortunately, they're mostly hidden behind ponies (I don't think you can actually see that I gave them ear-shaped sensor dishes... :( )
ChrisTheS's avatar
I think I'll keep posting daily through Sunday so it's not as slow to start (that'll take us to page 2).  I've got more than 2-1/3 issues of buffer, so I can afford the extra days...
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im excitced for this :D 
warkins's avatar
i am so ready for this! ^^
MDWebster's avatar
and I'm going to need popcorn.
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Aaaaaaaaaaaand, here comes the horse puns!!!
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I think they're slightly worse this time - I had real trouble thinking of both issue titles and planet names, so they're a bit forced.
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