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Star Mares 2.1.3: Exaggerated Melodrama

Shining Armor is a bit of a diva.  Not that he doesn't have cause in this case, but I don't think I could have gotten away with lines this cheesy from any other pony.

So, a bit more background: Tacktooine (as it is now known) was settled by the Crystal Ponies in the final century of the expansion era, as Canterlot grew to encompass the whole of the ponies' home planet.  However, during the dispute with Cloudsdale, not only was their capital city wrecked, but the planet somehow acquired a second sun.  Rather than braving the now much-harsher conditions, they relocated the entire civilization to Halteraan, one of their colony worlds.  Only a few die-hards remained behind, and the planet eventually became a haven for smugglers and treasure-hunters.

Cloudsdale didn't exactly get off scot-free from the incident, but because the pegasus noble houses control nearly all the trade routes and starship manufacturing in the galaxy, the massive war reparations they had to pay to Halteraan were pretty much a drop in the bucket.  A side-effect was the general worsening of Imperial attitudes towards pegasi in general, but the aristocracy that precipitated the crisis barely noticed.  They would later end up selling to both sides in the Pone Wars and come away from the whole mess smelling like slightly spoiled roses.

As for Halteraan... well, we've seen how that turned out.

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wait, it was said that Rainbow Dash was changed into a crystal statue, did Cadance and Celestia suffer the same fate? are they there, in fact, on the esplanade?
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Hit the 'previous page' link and actually look at the pretty pictures I spent so much time making :P
I think you should endeavor to prove that it is hopeless. Try every possible avenue for all of eternity. Then, at the end of time, when they have all failed, you will know with certainty that there was no way.
ChrisTheS's avatar
He's not actually immortal, so that's a trifle more nihilism than he's actually capable of.
DukeyDukeyDoo's avatar
Chris, you need to have a good explanation on what led to Cadence's chrystalization.
ChrisTheS's avatar
Hmm... Nope. I think I'd rather leave you all to squirm for another six issues or so.
With their history?.... Get out.
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YARRRRRRRR!!!  Cadence the pirate!
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COuld Dark Feather possibly be...Flurry Heart?!
ChrisTheS's avatar
It's as likely as any of the other suggestions so far...
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Huh. So what's the in-universe explanation for force ghosts in this one? Is Cadance still alive and fully conscious inside this crystal shell?
And I bet you had to edit the text on that one to accomodate for Flurry Heart.
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The in-universe explanation is in the next issue.

Yes, it's just like when Discord was turned to stone, only with a slightly more transparent medium.

Actually, my storyline always took Cadance's foal into account (even before it was announced that there was going to be one officially) - all I had to do was plug in the final name.
SerpensVolucer's avatar
What was the foal's original name, if I may inquire?
ChrisTheS's avatar
Didn't have one - I think I unconsciously figured that there was likely to be a Royal Foal at some point in the immediate future and so I kept my options open.
albedoequals1's avatar
" the crystal ponies-"
♪-with their history♫ :P
PhoenixFlambe's avatar
So wait is the previous comic the prequel to this?
ChrisTheS's avatar
Only in the sense that 'The Old Republic' game is technically a prequel to 'The Force Awakens'.
PhoenixFlambe's avatar
Either way,I shall keep reading,there's more to uncover after all
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wait nightmare force's are involved?!

Luna as nighmare moon returns and is the empress(we have been hearing about) of the equestrian star empire comfirmed!

also just a little bit confused tacktooine is what was was equestria planet or do i have it wrong?

sorry for the questions
ChrisTheS's avatar
Rarity already said the Nightmare Force was involved (not in so many words, but that's the reason she's not a Nightmare despite technically being Count Dooku - she's already been one, so she knows better now).

The planet formerly known as Equestria has been just known as 'Canterlot' since the end of the expansion period, because the city just kept growing until it encompassed the entire world. ('Equestria' now refers to the empire rather than the planet).  

Rather than be absorbed into the ecumenopolis, Cadance relocated the Crystal Empire to an outer rim world which up until a hundred years ago was a temperate planet called Nova Crystallia, but is now a desert planet called Tacktooine.
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ah okay that makes sense thanks for explaning it ^^

i did not think of nightmare force since rarity said dark power ow well.

as for my luna guess only time will tell.
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(Holding a P.K.E. Meter)
Guys, I'm detecting an high energy reading from this statue.
It's overwelming.
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