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Star Mares 2.1.26: Mane Interlude

Diminutive stature: check.  Idiosyncratic speech patterns: check.  Four-letter name: check.  Pretty much a no-brainer, this one was.

So that's it for 2.1. As usual, there'll be an omake page tomorrow, and then the compiled issue and the cover for 2.2 the next day.  I hope you're all still enjoying it and plan to come back for more :)

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Trope me.
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NoradTwo's avatar
I'm in a computer lab, so I can't laugh out loud, but I'm dying right now.
foldabotZ's avatar
And she's lost her horn(it's actually broken, but whatevs), so that's what they've been referencing! Wait if Luna is not the Empress, then who is?
ChrisTheS's avatar
It's a mystery :)

(Although I expect everyone will have figured it out well before the eventual reveal)
I don't envy Skywalker when she has to carry Luna around during training. Even depowered, she's just as big as Skywalker.
ChrisTheS's avatar
She probably doesn't weigh nearly as much, but yeah... at least quadrupeds have better lifting power.
yoshiegg64's avatar
I find it ironic that 'old' luna is in her young form. Is she aging in reverse?  Does that mean instead of dying of old age, she will revert to a foal? :o (Eek) 
ChrisTheS's avatar
It's her 'depowered' form.
yoshiegg64's avatar
Doesn't mean she can be depowered more. ;p

Baby Luna would look adorable.
ChrisTheS's avatar
I'm not good at drawing foals, unfortunately :(

Not that it really matters, since I wasn't planning on making that scene an interlude. So you can imagine it however you like :)
tom117z's avatar
I thought Luna would be the empress, and Zecora would somehow still be alive to be the Yoda character.

How will Luna die then? Old age killed Yoda but unless shenanigans happens that isn't possible for her.

The only three left I can see as Dark Feather is either Trixie, Flurry Heart or Starlight Glimmer.
ChrisTheS's avatar
Strictly speaking, Yoda said he was sick.  Personally, I think it was just an excuse - he seemed like one of those old martial arts masters who view dying as a motivational technique.
tom117z's avatar
Well I at least hope she lives long enough to see Tia one last time, if the latter is ever freed from her crystal prison.
prensestwilight01's avatar
Old Luna? Actually the new Luna would be more epic.
ChrisTheS's avatar
Yoda isn't supposed to be epic. He's an unassuming little frog who Luke mistakes for a peasant :)
prensestwilight01's avatar
Actually I have more information about Star Wars. So what you said is true. 😊
momowo's avatar
lol yoda luna is best luna!
tigreanpony's avatar
Lol, So Luna is Yoda in this, I'm not surprised.
ChrisTheS's avatar
I'm surprised that anyone is surprised.  It's kind of obvious when you think about it :)
O_o........ what?....
pokeplayer984's avatar
So Luna is Yoda.

I can live with this! :)
Sturmlion1's avatar
No, just no. Because if she is Yoda, then that means she is gonna die and fade away.
ChrisTheS's avatar
As opposed to Twilight getting disintegrated, and Applejack and Rarity getting exploded, and Rainbow and Celestia and Cadance getting crystallized...
You know, I just realized: We've seen Twilight (dead), Applejack (evil, dead), Rarity (dead), Rainbow (effectively dead), and Fluttershy (Evil Bat form). At this point we've seen everyone except Pinkie.

And yes, I know where she shows up -- this is my second read through -- I'm just upset that I didn't figure out out that much sooner.
Sturmlion1's avatar
Best Princess should never fade away. And I'm still not happy best pony (Rarity) gettING exploded.
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