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Star Mares 2.1.21: Crash Course

I may have mentioned once or twice before how much I enjoy the original My Little Pony movie :)

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Trope me.
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So, if she's the equivalent of Pinkie Pie whatever happened to the pink party pony? :XD:
ChrisTheS's avatar
Well, when you consider how terrified Maple Leaf is about using her party pony powers...

Actually, never mind. That's mostly just her.
So "pinkie powers" are not "party pony powers". We have a party pony with military grade weapons, and a pinkie pony with no party nature at all.
pokeplayer984's avatar
Well, if you had any doubts that Spring Clean = Pinkie Pie, this scene should destroy those doubts.  Who else would have the ability to literally zip their lip?  My theory is that she's a reincarnation of the party pony, not a descendant as I had originally thought.
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She did it before (here).
darthrivan's avatar
I don't know why I keep forgetting she has an accent. I had to read Spring's lines over again to make sure I was reading them correctly. Now they just need to find whatever these flutterponies are.
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I forget she has an accent all the time.  I wish there was a way to do find-replace on specific characters' lines so I don't leave any inadvertent "my"s in her speech.
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this kinda reminds of  home 

when they crash near a forest  with oh and tip dreamworks  i just think it anyway 

we lost tangling twist and something 
Yeah, I can see 'Shy deciding that the flutterponies need to protected from the universe, which of course means that nopony enters and no flutterpony leaves.
naya04's avatar
Talk talk about thing that's just annoying just this is shut up pony
gabrielthewolf15's avatar
I feel like her head was going to blow up if she kept her mouth shut any longer
ChrisTheS's avatar
Very possibly.
zenlord22's avatar
I read the mission statement....yay fluttershy is coming around
TP-Night's avatar
No, Flutterponies, not Fluttershy.
As in, from the older generations of MLP, before FiM.
ChrisTheS's avatar
Specifically from this.  Although I've applied a few G3 concepts as well.
tigreanpony's avatar
That was cute, I love the fact that Spring Clean is like Pinkie Pie, very nicely done.
MDWebster's avatar
No comment.
(Zips the lip)
Is it sad that I'm pretty sure I know what Spring Clean is saying even with her lips zipped?
ChrisTheS's avatar
I've told you before, so no.
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