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Star Mares 2.1.18-19: Face the (Brass) Music

The problem with 2d models of spaceships is that you can only rotate them a certain amount before they start to look 2d, and because I really don't want to take the time required to do multiple angles of these ships, I have to be careful with how I use them.

That scene was probably still a page longer than it really needed to be, but I think the full spread of the fleet in pursuit makes up for it.

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Trope me.
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NoradTwo's avatar
AJ upside down was really funny to me for some reason.
ChrisTheS's avatar
It looked boring with them both facing the same way.  And I tend to go to extreme lengths to avoid showing the bottoms of their feet.
SPARTAN064's avatar
ohhh, proton torpedoes, nice touch...
Sturmlion1's avatar
They have a Super Star Destroyer. The Empire shall be victorious.
AJR001's avatar
I can't believe I missed this page. :XD:
And yeah, the Emprie wasn't really well known for prioritizing key targets. I mean, look at the Storm troopers' aim... :XD: :XD: 
You don't know what's on that ship. It might be an exceedingly high-value target. Sometimes you can take down an entire rebellion in a single move if you choose the right move.
ChrisTheS's avatar
The irony is, it IS a high-value target which COULD take down the rebellion in a single move (since the entire purpose of the rebellion is to restore the monarchy, and as the only natural born alicorn left in the galaxy as far as anyone knows, Lace is the most obvious candidate). But Dark Feather is only after her as a means of getting to Skywalker, who from a political perspective is totally insignificant.
Dante-Wynter's avatar
Well, orange, really.

Wait - she was in black before . . .
ChrisTheS's avatar
Black hat, at least.
SilverYuno1's avatar
YES! Love that ship. I have a renewed hope it doesn't get destroyed this time around. #savetheexecutor
ChrisTheS's avatar
Well, mostly everything that happens in the film happens in the comic, but I don't think I'm actually going to have space in 3.4 to show it with all I've got planned already, so you can pretend :p
SilverYuno1's avatar
Scootaloo (Aw c'mon) Plz Ah. HorseApples.
ChrisTheS's avatar
(Actually, the likelihood of me showing it being blown up is just about zero, because then I'd have to build another view of it and I don't really like drawing ships).
SilverYuno1's avatar
Discord Icon Yay!        Fluttershy frightend... 
RoyCalbeck's avatar
Derp, derp, derp, derp de-derp, derp de-derp!
darthrivan's avatar
Is this going to end with a failure induced force choking for someone?
ChrisTheS's avatar
Dark Feather doesn't do choking.  Not flashy enough.
SerpensVolucer's avatar
Force blowing up then?
I wonder if AJ is actually black as a human. Hehe, that'd be fun....
tyruvelp's avatar
this is why when i stop being lazy i will work in 3D with blender 
ChrisTheS's avatar
I can't figure out how to use Blender's camera controls :(
blackmorn's avatar
Aj jus floating upside down.  such casual.
Ajedi32's avatar
It's space, there is no up or down. XD
ChrisTheS's avatar
Strictly speaking, directions are properties relative to a reference point, which in this case would be the plane of the camera.  So while 'up' and 'down' are totally arbitrary, they still exist :P
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