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Star Mares 1.4.13: 'Ge-ne-ro-si-tyyyy...'

Finally, this scene is done - no more cryptically explaining the backstory, for a while at least :)  

Punchlines are going to be a bit less punchy for the foreseeable future as we get into the climax.  Apologies if you're relying on me for your sole dose of funny every other day, in which case you need more variety in your comics-reading life because that's waaaay too much pressure on me :)  I recommend my two primary inspirations, Friendship is Dragons and Darths and Droids.

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Trope me.
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 Wait so this takes place thousands of years after what would be Prequel trilogy, FiM?
ChrisTheS's avatar
It takes place approximately 1100 years after FiM, and a lot has happened in that time.  What we would think of as the 'SW Prequel era' covers a period between 100 and 80 years ago, and I haven't gone into it in very much detail except for a few points.
foldabotZ's avatar
Then how are the mortal ponies, like the rest of the Mane 6, Trixie, and Shining Armor still alive at this and that point?
ChrisTheS's avatar
The mane 6 aren't mortal, and neither is Trixie after she becomes a princess (but that event takes place only a few years after FiM).  Shining Armor (up until recently) had magical rejuvenation treatments due to his entire immediate family being alicorns.
foldabotZ's avatar
How did the Mane 5 become immortal to live that long? Or would that be spoiling?
ChrisTheS's avatar
It's based on the premise that they embody the Elements of Harmony, and the Elements are eternal.
If there's any seed that shouldn't be hoarded by its Element Bearer, it's Generosity. Such behavior could only end tragically.
tigreanpony's avatar
Very nicely done here, the story is really coming together.
yoshiegg64's avatar
This remind me. I wonder if Prince BlueBlood will make a cameo. Probably not, though if he does I imagine him to be Admiral Ozzel.…

He seems perfect for the role as the cowardly admiral. Though I would replace force choke with maybe flinging him into a giant cake.
ChrisTheS's avatar
We're a little over 1100 years after the series, give or take a century. Anypony who's not an alicorn, an Element Bearer, a dragon, or married to one of the above is long gone...
yoshiegg64's avatar
Then maybe his descendant then!

Prince BlueBlood the MMMMCDLII.

ChrisTheS's avatar
You think any mare would have him? :p
yoshiegg64's avatar
Suri polomare? Trixie lulamoon? One of the Dazzlings?  Abacus Cinch? Okay maybe not that last one. :D
ChrisTheS's avatar
He's too much of a snob to take Suri, Trixie would never have anything to do with somepony who's as big of an egotist as herself, the Dazzlings aren't ponies, and I subscribe to the viewpoint that Ms. Cinch doesn't have an Equestrian counterpart :)

I can maybe see him getting together with Chrysalis, but only if she had some dastardly plan that absolutely required it, and she'd probably eat him at the first chance she got just to stop his whining.
yoshiegg64's avatar
"Trixie would never have anything to do with somepony who's as big of an egotist as herself."

I don't know about that. She seems like she would love to marry into royalty and have dozens of servants attend to her every desire. And of course rubbed her new status into everyone's face she meets. 

:iconmlptrixieplz::iconsays3plz:"PRINCESS Trixie has a nice ring to it doesn't it?"

Regardless, I am sure, there are plenty of mares who would marry Prince Blueblood's if solely for for his money.
ChrisTheS's avatar
I'm kind of envisioning Trixie as this Verse's Quinlan Vos or Kyp Durron - certainly the first unicorn in line when they started needing more princesses to watch over more planets...
yoshiegg64's avatar
"An incident at the Grand Galloping Gala"

Hmm...wonder which one she means. Probably the one with the Smooze. If that is true, then..uh oh.
RDkinght's avatar
l'm not sure if you addressed this before but how is Rarity "immortal" as in living longer than the average pony?
ChrisTheS's avatar
Friendship is magic.
Gogogadgethat's avatar
So Rarity is Obi-Wan now? Uh-oh.
ChrisTheS's avatar
No, because these ponies aren't Luke.  Rarity's always been what Count Dooku might have been like had he actually been a freedom fighter with noble intentions instead of a Sith catspaw.
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What happened to spike? Did he join the dark side to become Darth spike?
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