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Star Mares 1.3.26: Breakdown on the Final Lap

By ChrisTheS
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Something about a half-obscured face makes it look especially intimidating.  Replacing Peter Cushing's clipped tones with a southern drawl, slightly less so, but I think the effect still comes together nicely.

And so we come to the end of issue 1.3!  This issue had its challenges and triumphs, but on the whole I thought it was a definite improvement over the previous two.  It certainly had a lot of my favorite moments of the whole comic (so far) in it.  I'd like to think that 1.4 and going forward will live up to the same standards, but I'll let you all be the judge of that.

As usual, an omake page tomorrow and the compiled issue, before we start in with the issue 1.4 cover on Friday.  I hope you're all looking forward to the thrilling (or at least droll and diverting) conclusion of 'A New Horse' :)

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Trope me.
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I say cue especially happy theme music. Step up the beat, put it in an obnoxiously cheery key, all of it. Throw the audience for a loop.
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Emperor palppletine
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Well at least Maple Leaf isn't caught maybe she can figure out an way to get them out of trouble you know before the Rebels blow up the Death Star!
ChrisTheS's avatar
Well, considering that it would be very dull to have 26 pages of the POV characters sitting in a cell... :P
Mackeroth's avatar
Clearly you've never seen the Shawshank Redemption, or read The Count of Monte Cristo then.
ChrisTheS's avatar
I seem to recall rather a lot of vengeful murders in Monte Cristo. And a couple of duels.  Also a party and an incident with a carriage.  'The Man in the Iron Mask' has more actual page count in prison, I believe.
Mackeroth's avatar
Now, that I haven't read. Yet.

But my point was, the best bits of Monte Cristo were the bits in prison when whats-its-face (I don't remember names, period) was just alone with his thoughts, wondering if he was ever going to get out, thinking of Mercedes (that name I can remember) and losing faith in everything. That was some powerful stuff man. 

Of course, not at all the kind of story you're trying to tell.
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Ah.  I've always thought Dumas had a tendency to drag on in his introspective moments (hence why I try to speed through the bits of Milady's imprisonment in England in 'The Three Musketeers' - a good sequence but far too long).  I prefer the more theatrical bits (speaking of which, I once saw a very good musical version of the story in Prague, which I loved but everyone else in my theatre class hated because they hated all the shows we saw during our month in the Czech Republic... never go on a study abroad program with a bunch of proto-hipster 20-somethings, they don't appreciate anything).
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Happy theme music? More like Imperial March... :XD:
ChrisTheS's avatar
I know some people who become happy when they hear the Imperial March :P
DrakeRenar1's avatar
I'm one of those people even though I side with the Rebels more than Imperials!
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Now the question is wether or not their valiant rescuer will be valiant or have a panic attack. Also, Cutters face reminds me of my face every time my wife unties the laces of my boots when im working under my truck XD.
ChrisTheS's avatar
I really wish I could just skip the cover and go straight to page 1... waiting for Sunday to post what may be the best visual gag of the entire comic seems almost intolerable.
Mango7889's avatar
Hey I wouldn't say anything:)
ChrisTheS's avatar
Eh, the anticipation will add savor to the experience :P

Unless of course y'all don't find it as funny as I do.  In which case feel free to pelt me with rotten fruit.
Mango7889's avatar
Nah, i agree. And the comic is funny so no need for fruit XD
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Cookiecutter has best expression right there.
ChrisTheS's avatar
I worked hard and meticulously to ensure just the right amount of angry frustration came out of that scowl :)  Helps that she has naturally angry eyes.
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If Ms. Cutter remembers her Rebel SpecForce training, I'm sure she will be able to withstand the typical Imperial-Equestrian interrogation methods.

The others... well... the most suitable piece of advice I can give is the text on this cat poster; "Hang in there!"

Been loving this comic series. Looking forward to the next issue! =]
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Fortunately, everypony is far too busy right now to bother with an interrogation.  Or to realize they only caught four of the five.
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And my worries are put at ease. =]
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Happy theme music? As in, the My Little Pony theme? Or Happy Star Wars music?  Is there Happy Star Wars music?

At any rate, I was expecting them to sneak aboard the Millennium Falcon and get off the station, but now you've got me wondering.
ChrisTheS's avatar
I have an arrangement of the MLP theme with Star Wars instrumentation in my head, but I can't actually transcribe it because all the midi production tools out there now pretty much rely on being able to play the piano, and my foolish 8-year-old self wanted to play the violin instead.
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