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Star Mares 1.3.24: Whistle While You Work

By ChrisTheS
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I don't think Wind Whistler would be able to come up with a better excuse even if she hadn't been put on the spot.

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Trope me.
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I would have loved for one of the stormtroopers to have yelled TRAITOR!

If you don't understand why, look at this!…

or rather this…
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I'm familiar with the meme.  But by this time next year everyone will have forgotten about it, and I hope to still be getting a few new readers by this time next year.
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Normally I would agree with you but this is STAR WARS! Storm-trooper Tr-84 will never be truly forgotten. Look at Bobba Fett, Wouldn't be surprised if a novel about him gets published.
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Also, the Star Wars fandom has a tendency to insult and belittle me, so I don't really feel like perpetuating their memes :P
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Sorry to hear that. :( Hope the My Little Pony fandom is treating you better.
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Honestly, on its own, that fact really isn't a perfectly logical explanation. There's some other facts about why that are necessary for it to make sense.
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Maple's shaking will eventually find the resonant frequency of the Death Star and destroy it.  It's only a matter of time...
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I can't remember whether I've titled a page 'quivering like a leaf' yet...
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Good vibrations for all the smooze the Death Star must be packing. :)
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You suck as spies... :XD:
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Oh my...  Now it's time to raise the stakes.
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Technicaly it's wrong, they're not spies. They happened to pass the security, drug some staff, help some rebels. But they didn't want to do it. So spying is not their job, so they're not spies.

Also, I think pilot uniform make you look fat. ^^

Go Maple Leaf ! you can do ..... something. I guess.
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Couldn't fit all that in a panel :)
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Well, yes, that was the logical answer.

Another one would be she thought it was a synthesizer.
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I know this is from Star Trek, but...

WW:  "There's a multi-legged creature on your shoulder."  *Whack her in the head while distracted.*
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i wonder where the troopers are taking them?
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