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Star Mares 1.3.21: Hit and Run

I would have been remiss had I not done this scene.  In keeping with the theme so far, I thought it appropriate for Gracenote to impede the Imperials out of spite rather than design.

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Trope me.
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Well, it's a big place in theory, but in practice there's only sets for as little of it as possible, and of course everypony important has to be on some set at all times. Otherwise they'd be out in space, since there's nothing for them to be in, and they can't disappear once out of sight like extras can. It's simple economics.
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And here I thought I was the one being meta...
I'm so meta, even this reference to XKCD.
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i was a bit confused at the last two panels since she says close the doors but the troopers are saying open.  Maybe something i missed, but still hilarious.
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Have you seen the movie?  When Han and Chewbacca are escaping from stormtroopers, one of the troopers shouts 'Close the blast doors!' - but the fugitives are close enough to the doors that they get through easily while the troopers are left behind shouting for the doors to open again.  Which is a spectacular piece of stupidity, even by stormtrooper standards.  So in this case, the order to close the doors comes from Gracenote imitating the trooper's voice.
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oh i haven't seen the movie, but i can kind of imagine the scene.  Even with the explanation you were kind enough to give me I still find it funny regardless if not even more hilarious
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Here's a clip of the scene in question:…
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once again you are too kind thank you
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Ah, so that explains it.
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You know she right the death star is so big yet you wonder how the hell do you keep running into people
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I love how she's so happy about her move. XD
And, I'm afraid she will continue running into main characters for a long time. That's destiny for you, background character. ^^

Also, did you put red eyes (huhu, redeye ... hum) on the dark vador mask because in 'A new hope' the eyes oof the mask are redish, or was it your design ?
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Yes, that was the idea. I'm also giving her a redesign for the next episode, like the real suit was.
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