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Star Mares 1.3.20: Too Late Out of the Gate

First, a clarification: she says "2.7 degrees," not "27 degrees" (because of the way Inkscape handles the lettering font I'm using, punctuation doesn't kern properly).  I've always imagined that the ambient temperature of the Death Star is just shy of uncomfortably warm, so a little push would take it over the threshold.

It is an absolute requirement of any serialized adventure story that the heroes get captured at least once per serial.  This allows them to escape at the most dramatically appropriate moment and be conveniently located in exactly the right place they need to be to cause the most damage to the villain's plans.  Being captured is, in fact, the best outcome an action hero can hope for.  I've always found it odd, therefore, that players of tabletop RPGs regard being captured as a setback or a failure, given that it allows them to completely sidestep a literal legion of potential obstacles to get where they were going anyway.

Not that this logic necessarily applies to the background ponies, since they aren't the heroes.

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Trope me.
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She also despises minty freshness.
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I have just decided that Minty Fresh is the name of the poor now-confused pony in charge of the laundry facilities.
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That EPIC fail !!!! XD
How could they joking around and waisting time without even watching their "prisoners". They so deserve to be busted. XD
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