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Star Mares 1.3.18-19: Mane Interludicrous

One of the ideas that drove this issue was that the background ponies would be responsible for some of the PA dialogue from the film (although it ended up only being one line).  When it came time to actually do the scenes, Spring Clean was the obvious choice.

And then, of course, winged ponies can just fly across gaping chasms - a critical flaw in the Empire's earth-pony-centric design philosophy.  The problem being that since I don't actually know how to draw very well, I'm pretty much dependent on screenshots for reference, and there are relatively few screenshots of ponies from rearward perspectives on Google image search :(

If you haven't seen it yet, please check out my pony tribute to David Bowie.

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Trope me.
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I have never been able to read the Poid Alphabet until that last panel: "Hell if I know."

It can't possibly be any other response!
"Every stormhoofer is to immediately perform the chicken dance."
mlpslightningbolts's avatar
Yay! Han Solo's Rage!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I did that yesterday when I was having problems with my homework XD
Dante-Wynter's avatar
Aw, this means no kiss for luck!

Hmm, maybe this Luke Skywalker (sorry, forgot his pony name) has fewer psychologists bills?
ChrisTheS's avatar
Skywalker.  They're both mares, and at least one of them prefers stallions, so the canon squick isn't on the table here :)
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Spring Clean, just stop messing around. I'm not sure you're helping. Ok, maybe the result id there, but it's not a good reason. XD
Is she a Party Pony ? I think it hadn't been clarify, and she sure have the cpabilities. ;)  (She could be related to Pinkie at this point)
ChrisTheS's avatar
She isn't a party pony, but she could probably learn.  That is, if she had somepony to teach her other than Maple Leaf.

But in, say, Friendship is Dragons terms, she's closer to Rarity than Pinkie...
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I just read the last Friendship is dragon page (a series I didn't know, and I found it fun that I read it while writting my own paper RPG on FoE. XD)
I think I have a series to read. ^^
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