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Star Mares 1.3.16: Dross and Baubles

Been a while since I tried a circular panel, and for very good reason - it's really hard to fit everything into frame.

I've said before that Spring Clean is basically a kender, but I don't think I've actually shown it before.

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Trope me.
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Spring, put that back where you found it. I think Jackboot will die without it, and I'd really rather that if anypony here is going to kill anypony, it not be a complete accident.
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She's metagaming.  She knows I won't kill off a major villain just because of a natural 20 on a pickpocketing roll. :)

Actually, that's more of a Cookiecutter way of looking at the universe.
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I question how the sleep potion worked, with how mechanical Applejack's body is.
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Potions are magic.  Also, her brain is still organic (and I suppose at least one kidney and part of her liver).
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That last bit sounds like me.

"Where are you?"

"Uh, next to this building here . . .  somewhere . . ."
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My wife's best friend gets lost driving all the time. Even with GPS (or rather, especially with GPS: she once missed the freeway entrance she needed to get to our house because the road was new and the box told her it was a field).
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So, it Jackboot an imitation of Applejack, or is the Element just keeping her immortal?
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Element bearers are immortal - no matter what. They are not, however, immune to things like dismemberment, disintegration, and the kind of injuries that resulted in her being in that armor to begin with.
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I wonder what lead Applejack to side against the Princesses.  There's going to have to be some convincing backstory to make her turn against Twilight make sense.
Linkzilla's avatar
Uh...not to split hairs but...isn't that going to make the confrontation Twilight has with Dark Feathers in a few pages a little bit...anticlimactic?
ChrisTheS's avatar
Only if you're not familiar with Star Wars at all and thus don't know about Obi-Wan's post-mortem appearances. One of the reasons for not following the main plot is so that I can still stick loosely to canon without having to worry about adding dramatic tension to a situation where everyone (or at least most people) already knows the outcome.
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Immortal eh... makes me wonder where the others are then.  Of course, we do know where some are.
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 Spring Clean is so adorable without her hat. =P (Razz) 
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I like to put ahoge on characters... Dunno why (I'll blame Pani Poni Dash).
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suprise suprise the element of honest  as a power source (i guess)
ChrisTheS's avatar
Not a power source, because then removing it would be bad :)  But an integral part of the workings nonetheless.

(also not technically the actual 'Element' of Honesty, but I'll explain that more later).
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I was going to ask if we just witnessed a murder by ignorance. ^^'
Thanks Celestia, no.

Also, is Spri,g Clean a kleptomaniac ? Did she just take all that was in her closet when we first met her ?
ChrisTheS's avatar
She does have a tendency to just take things that don't necessarily belong to her. Not everything she collects is stolen, though. 'Hoarder' is a more prominent trait for her than 'klepto'.
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ah okay ill look forward to that then ^^
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