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Star Mares 1.3.11: Missed Connections

By ChrisTheS
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During her time on Doctor Who, Nicola Bryant made a point of saying "all these corridors look the same" in every story to lampshade the fact that they were the same set from different angles.  I at least have the luxury of reversing shots without worrying about chirality too much (since the show does it all the time).  Of course, I also have the self-imposed rule about 'background' characters never upstaging the 'main' characters, which almost gave me problems in the last row there...

Originally, Gracenote was supposed to encounter Skywalker, Soda and Growlbeakka waiting by the turbolift during their 'prisoner transfer' ruse, get glared at by the griffon, and decide to take the next lift.  But I ended up changing the sequence of events relative to the film plot, necessitating some rescripting (but it meant that I was able to add back a line that I'd liked but previously cut, so it's all good).  There's still a tiny remnant of the old sequence coming up on the next page.


On a side note: I've finally seen the new film.  It's good.  It isn't great, and I'm not going to do it as part of this comic: I'm trying to maintain as much of My Little Pony's tone as possible, and EpVII is even darker than EpV.  Given that many of you have expressed thanks for keeping the grimdark out of the comic (and I'm having enough difficulty keeping that resolution as I start work on EpV), it's simply incompatible with my trajectory for this story.  I never intended to venture beyond the original trilogy to begin with, so it's no skin off my nose :)

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Trope me.
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My favorite part of this comic so far is the cross-eyed look the ponies have when they're getting clocked.  I'm a terrible person.
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I feel bad about doing this to them sometimes... but that doesn't stop me.
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Someone start a smack counter yet? What are we at?
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Five, if you count Gracenote. Two each for red and blue.

Not counting the week that Red was at Cookiecutter's lack of mercy.
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the new star was movie: biggest disappoint - not seeing geroge lucas's name ... and disney - the style was not as appealing as 4,5 and 6 or as eye catching as 1,2 and 3 

it was ... setup for the next 2 which is wrong - the first 6 were able to stand out as solo movies and made better as trilogys 
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Uh, you're kidding right?  Episode 2 was nothing but setup for Episode 3, and Episode 3 was practically nothing but setup for the original trilogy.
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It had the best opening sequence of all of them, I will say.  However, it kind of proved the point that this comic is founded on - Star Wars' background characters are much more interesting than the designated 'heroes'.  I could have done with a lot more of Maz Kanata being awesomely cryptic and a lot less of Rey and Finn making constipated faces at Kylo Ren.
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wtf why twilight sparkle looks different Emoticon - Twilight Sparkle Wat 
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Because now she's roughly the age Celestia is in the show.
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well i prefer how she looks in the show i just hope rainbow dash don't look different too
ChrisTheS's avatar
What makes you think she's even going to appear? :)  I've made no promises that all six of them will show up :P
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well in case you do since shes my 2nd favorite pony because rarity don't look different only twilight and its not only the mane 6(which only rarity and pinkie pie is the worst of the mane 6 to me) other characters i like in comics including:

1. spike
2. discord
3. trixie
4. derpy
5. luna
6. apple bloom
7. scootaloo
8. sombra
9. tirek

those that i don't like including:
1. rarity
2. celestia 
3. pinkie pie

but i am ok if any of them ain't there since i read other comic series excluding them and with rarity being in it i don't have a problem at least for right now
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Rarity used the exact same model as Twilight does - I copied the vectors from Twilight when building her because I don't have a princess-body-type parts palette like I do for regular-sized ponies.
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oh ok i haven't notice i don't make comics so i don't really know much about that and have no interested in doing comics
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The Empire needs a map... :XD:
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Now I wish I'd put metro-style maps on all the walls :P
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next stop : throne room station 
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It's probably for the best. Nothing good comes of meeting the protagonists any more than absolutely necessary.
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Especially considering that they just gave her a concussion.
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Twilight's looking a little bit pixelated there... And the body is too thick, hey belly goes too far back, her eyes are too small and the stars in her mane and tail need a bit of... blending? Subtlety? Blurring? 
But beside that....
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The Force Awakens was dark
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Sounds like the story of my life.

"Oh, hey! You won't believe what happened after you left!"

"Guess who showed up at work after you took that EO?"

"While you were out goofing off with your friends, your favorite aunt came by.  She said she was sorry to have missed you."
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I begin to feel bad for the poor guy. How many KO can he still take before suffering permanent injuries ?
Also, Gracenote don"'t seems to be best spy. ^^
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She.  90% of the Imperial navy is female :)

And she's a cartoon character, so the Roger Rabbit principle applies for injury.
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