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Star Mares 1.2.25: It Was Open When I Got Here

This page gave me a certain amount of continuity trouble.  As originally scripted, Gracenote was just going to figure out how to open the electronic lock, 'somehow'.  Then I recalled that she'd specifically mentioned that she was no good at lockpicking when they were stuck in the trash compactor.  So after thinking for a while, I figured that Wind Whistler, being a logical pony and all, would probably have learned to talk to poids, and that Gracenote, being friends with Wind Whistler, would probably have heard her do so at one point, so with her bard magic she should be able to duplicate that sound.  Then, so that this revelation didn't just come out of nowhere, I had to go back to page 4 and edit in the mention of Wind Whistler being able to talk to computers.  Which made page 2's mention of her cutie mark being more useless than Maple Leaf's no longer make sense, but at that point I was tired of fixing things.

The first panel image here was inspired by The Fifth Element, which I just realized I watch much more frequently than any of the Star Wars movies.

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a talent like that is simply a MOUSE have *rimshot*
That was a very poor choice, Gracenote. Why do you think they call it a cage? What normally happens when you open a cage?
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And now I have a Far Side cartoon in my head: "Don't go in there!"
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Ah, retcon - the bane of my writing style.  I don't know how many characters I've had that have suddenly had whole branches of family disappear . . .

On a side note, I have no idea which movie's I've watched more - Star Wars, Star Trek, LOTR, Harry Potter . . .  I'm pretty sure it's Star Wars, since it's been around longer.
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I don't actually LIKE Star Wars very much, at least not as films.  I had a lot more emotional investment in the novels and comics than I ever did in the movies.  As a piece of cinema I think 'Fifth Element' is actually superior simply because its campy retro style still works, whereas 'A New Hope' at least is starting to look very dated...

Not that it's really a fair comparison, of course :)
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I was about 12 years old when Star Wars came out.  Before that, all we had was old Star Trek re-runs, and Space: 1999.  This movie was such a blast, it shall always have a special place in my heart.

As for Fifth Element - well, there were parts I liked.  I liked the retro-future style as well.  However - that outfit.  A bunch of bandages? At least as bad as slave Leia.
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Upon further reflection, I also watch 'Labyrinth'more than Star Wars...
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I'm a huge fan of the Star Wars movies, and not the extended univers.
But I must agree, "Fifth Element" is on my favorite too. And it's more or less a French movie, so I'm bound to praise it.^^

 I also like the style in the films Alien that does have a used touch in their techologie.
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I've made a more direct reference in 1.4, but the visual style may creep into other panels here and there.  This is the first time I did it on purpose, though :)
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