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Star Mares 1.2.17: Ah Keep Mah Word

I have to admit that after yesterday's episode I feel a bit guilty about doing this to Applejack :(

I also had a certain difficulty reconciling Tarkin's deliberate deception of Leia with the fact that Jackboot is (despite being evil) still the Element of Honesty.  My justification is that Tarkin said he had DECIDED to use Alderaan to test the Death Star, and never actually said he'd change his mind if Leia told him where the rebel base was.

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Trope me.
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Is this the first we see Spring Clean not smiling?
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Quite possibly.  I haven't been keeping track :)
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can  i draw your oc gracenote with my oc ^^ just to ask for permssion
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thankyou i just fell in love with her :D in your comics
That's really getting into technicalities. The implication was pretty unambiguous, and nobody would call that "honesty" other than those unwillingly bound to tell only the truth. Wherever the Element of Honesty is right now, I think it just turned a little gray.
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Remember, in Star Wars, the morality spectrum is Chaotic Good to Lawful Evil, and Lawful Evil always holds the letter of the law over the spirit.  As long as the 'i's are dotted and the 't's are crossed, from the Dark Side's perspective, you can lie by omission all you want :)
And I'm sure that the Dark Side is very pleased. But I don't think the Elements care about the Dark Side's morals any more than the Dark Side cares about the Element's morals.
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aj, the combination of grand moff tarkin and general grievous
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Is it dishonest? She didn't exactly say she wouldn't blast Halteraan is she named a military target.

Also - I apparently need glasses.  I didn't notice AJ's hat until this strip.
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It does kind of blend in to the background in most shots.  I actually can't wait to be done with this episode so I can move on to some locales with actual color in them...
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seems more like general aj to me.

lets see how thy story will unfold. 
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Is that robot-disguised pony Applejack?
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She's a cyborg, and I thought it was obvious :)
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What happened to the Mane Six? 
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Didn't you already ask me that and I told you I wasn't telling until it comes out in the comic? :)
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I wonder if Twilight and AJ are gonna have a duel before she fights dark feather, would love to see the verbal sparring there.
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Yes, but I gotta know! :O
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Make something up.  That's what all the Star Wars fans did before there were prequels :)
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How dare you! How DARE YOU!!!
You should be ashamed of yourself!!!

Okay, I kid you. But I admit, I am not very big fan of choosing Applejack to fill in Tarkin's shoes.
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Had to be an earth pony - Tarkin is definitely the earth pony type. Could you really imagine Pinkie Pie filling the role?

Although if I were doing it NOW, I might have gone for Limestone :)
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To answer that question, No! But neither Applejack. Because she is one of my favorites and the one that I relate to the most.
But I don't want to discourage you of keep doing what you are doing.

But let me guess, you started this comic before Hearth Breakers?
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Long before. The first issue was finished before I started posting, and I complete between four and eight pages a week (and only post three). The other reason for keeping backstory in the background is so that I don't have to adjust much for new information from the show (as it is, one of the episodes this season is impacting the backstory anyway, I just don't know in what way yet).
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