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Star Mares 1.1: Our Only Hoof

My first foray (well, second, if you count an RPG book) into pony art.

Despite appearances, the comic will not be focusing on the characters depicted on the cover.  We all already know the Star Wars story, so there's no point in retelling it with ponies (and besides, I'm sure someone's done that already).  It's what goes on in the background of the familiar story that's interesting to me, so that's the story I'm going to be telling.

(oh, for the record, because it's hard to tell from that picture and you're not going to see her again for a while - Skywalker is a pegasus mare).

UPDATE 5: Links to the prequel comic, Star Mares: The Pone Wars can be found at the bottom of the page.

UPDATE 4: Now available in Russian! Thanks to Str1ker878.

UPDATE 3: Subsequent full issue links will be added to this page when they become available.

UPDATE 2: The full issue can be downloaded in PDF or CBZ format here:…

UPDATE: I uploaded the full spread instead of just the front.

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Issue 1.2 First Page
Issue 1.3 First Page
Issue 1.4 First Page

Issue 1.1 Full
Issue 1.2 Full
Issue 1.3 Full
Issue 1.4 Full

Special #1: Dawn of the Alicorns

Issue 2.1 First Page
Issue 2.2 First Page
Issue 2.3 First Page
Issue 2.4 First Page

Issue 2.1 Full
Issue 2.2 Full
Issue 2.3 Full
Issue 2.4 Full

Special #2: The Admiral

Issue 3.1 First Page
Issue 3.2 First Page
Issue 3.3 First Page
Issue 3.4 First Page

Issue 3.1 Full
Issue 3.2 Full
Issue 3.3 Full
Issue 3.4 Full

The Pone Wars #1: Tack of the Clones, Part I
The Pone Wars #2: Tack of the Clones, Part II
The Pone Wars #3: Tack of the Clones, Part III
The Pone Wars #4: Season of the Puppy, Part I
The Pone Wars #5: Season of the Puppy, Part II
The Pone Wars #6: You Smooze You Looze, Part I
The Pone Wars #7: You Smooze You Looze, Part II
The Pone Wars #8: Dragon's Clause, Part I
The Pone Wars #9: Dragon's Clause, Part II
The Pone Wars #10: Dragon's Clause, Part III
The Pone Wars #11: The Hunt for Ziro the Mutt

Trope me.
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Dear ChrisTheS:

I really love your comics, and I want others to see. May I translate your work into chinese, and put it on Fimtale?

Of course, I will mention it is from you, and never use it commercially.

Thank you.

ChrisTheS's avatar
By all means, although two others are also doing it (allegedly, I haven't heard anything since I gave them permission). But I'm all in favor of multiple translations :)
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AdmiralKisher's avatar

Thank you very much!

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Obiwan Kenobi #37 Speech Bubble - Left speaker 1 These are not the dragons...err, bunnies....wait, droids you are looking for.Speech Bubble - Left speaker 2 
icon crazy troop Speech Bubble - Left speaker 1UmmmmSpeech Bubble - Left speaker 2
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Rereading the whole thing all I can say is, and so it begins.
toohot17's avatar
Will read later. In love w/ this already... :iconinloveplz:
ChrisTheS's avatar
Just don't read it all in one sitting like some people have tried to do :)
toohot17's avatar
Lol! :XD: I have a bad habit of binge-reading/watching stuff... :| :lmao:
bruiser128's avatar
Quality aside, this I HAVE To read for how it fuses the lore of both franchises
ChrisTheS's avatar
Hopefully you'll find it to be quality not aside :)
bruiser128's avatar
I bet I will. 

Although is it fair to compare it to the original "Fallout: Equestria" novel?
ChrisTheS's avatar
Not really.  I swear a lot less, for starters :)
bruiser128's avatar
Good. Since it's more fun to create new ones, like what Hasbro 
has done in the Transformers franchise.
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This is just too cute X3
ChrisTheS's avatar
They all say that at first... :p
busterkeatonrules's avatar
Fave'd for safekeeping. Gonna check it out later!
ChrisTheS's avatar
Glad you like it :)
I just wanted to say this is beautiful and I love you.
ChrisTheS's avatar
Did you read it all in one day?!
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well i din't think about it but i turned a rainbow dash into a Darth Vader XD heres the link it's the pony: chichi-is-nightmare.deviantart…
ChrisTheS's avatar
I wish I was good at stuff like that...
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