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Star Mares 1.1.22: Shiny New Duds

Because as we all know, the instruction "don't draw attention to yourself" is always obeyed to the letter.

No more armor, no more bedraggled Gracenote... hello to these hats and the TIE masks, the new bane of my existence.  But at least we can see everypony's faces now.

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Trope me.
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Wow, and I thought the Empire's TIE fighters were cheap.  At least their pilots actually get starfighters, even if they are just essentially guns with engines.
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When they get used to it, most pegasi prefer this because it's actually safer - lower profile, more maneuverability, better sense of their surroundings. It helps that the system was developed by a pegasus who didn't mind taking a loss as the lowest bidder in order to deliver quality goods.
Centaur71's avatar
You'll have to destroy them ship-to-ship; get the Mares to their flyers.
AJR001's avatar
Imperial TIE fighters and interceptors tend to get shot down. A LOT... :XD:
ChrisTheS's avatar
Exactly.  Which is why the more culturally prestigious but ultimately disposable cloned earth ponies get to fly the ships :)
AJR001's avatar
All I can say is, poor sods... ^^; :XD: 
MrSpanyard's avatar
If the space has no air, why bother in using pegasus as pilots? Their wings would be utterly useless. That's not sensible, that's outright stupid.
ChrisTheS's avatar
They have ion engine pods strapped underneath their wings which they can maneuver using familiar muscle movements, they're adapted to lower oxygen requirements and are less prone to motion sickness than earth ponies, and they have their natural flight instincts. And most of them are competitive daredevils who are less likely to complain about having the most dangerous job in the Navy.
MrSpanyard's avatar
So, the reason is mostly instinct, right? Those requirements could be supplied by training. I consider pegasus would made better marines and scouts than space pilots, somewhere with air, so they could have the physical advantage over the enemy: More agile, faster deployment, harder to hit... And fly. In an era with lasers and where despite armor you can die from falling pebbles, no melee is needed, and those weapons have little to no recoil, so the lighter ponies could handle them perfectly. And for the scouts, if the empire is ungenerous enought to not provide with spacecraft the pilots, then is greedy enought to not provide speed bikes to them, relying in the wings of the troops. Also, the pegasus would bleed to death from inside-out without suit to cover their wings in the vacuum of space.
ChrisTheS's avatar
I could come up with a whole bunch of explanations for all this, but it all basically boils down to 'magical ponies imitating a space western' and 'I needed a disguise which still makes it obvious who the characters are' (which, incidentally, is the same explanation for the rebel flight suits in the movies not being particularly EV-suitable at first glance).

Thanks for the reminder about the scout troopers, though.  I'll keep it in mind when I get to EpVI :)
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Golly, you're going to continue this all the way to Episode VI? Now I'm more excited than ever to see this series continue :D
ChrisTheS's avatar
I have it half-plotted through V and a loose outline of VI.  I'm not going to bother with I-III because (a) the background I've developed for these differs pretty drastically from the canon storyline, and (b) at my current production rate it's going to take me about 10 months to do the 12 issues already planned and a year and a half to release them at three pages a week.
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momowo's avatar
hats. everything is better with hats.
ChrisTheS's avatar
Everything is better with hats, until you start forgetting whether they had a hat in the previous scene, or completing a page and remembering that they DIDN'T have a hat on the previous scene and you forgot because all the stock has them WITH the hat...

Not to mention, there are only so many places I can put a hat on Maple Leaf's manestyle without it sticking through.
momowo's avatar
don't worry about it and just put hats on EVERYTHING. works every time.
. . . If Wind Whistler were actually going out, she'd have boots and wing gloves to properly seal the suit, right? I hope the Empire's not so stingy that they just let their TIE pegasi expose their extremities to hard vacuum on every mission.
ChrisTheS's avatar
Well, they don't care for pegasi very much either :)

But Star Wars vac suits somehow manage to protect pilots when they go EV despite having their lower faces exposed, so I assume they work for wings and hooves as well.
Dante-Wynter's avatar
Does Gracenote (I think that's her name - the unicorn?) mean that the TIE fighter uniform is more stylish than hers?

'Cause, I agree with that.
ChrisTheS's avatar
Yep.  Gracenote's uniform is based on this:…  - not the most styling of threads.  Although at least it gets a hat.

But the earth pony TIE uniform is even nicer (because in this era, it's mostly earth ponies who get nice things - except that means they have to actually fly the starfighters, which is a net minus).
TP-Night's avatar
Masks... Bane... I see what you did there! Sherlock Holmes 
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