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Star Mares 1.1.21: Smells Like Victory

By ChrisTheS
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OK, you should be able to figure out who she's based on by now.

I'll admit, the main point of this page was to remind the audience of everypony's name.

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Trope me.
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I was going to object to that, but I suppose at this point, the second-rate clones they churn out ARE idiots.
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She 'bot' their excuse hook, line, and STINKER!
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Okay, fine, I'll explicitly ask. Who is Cookie Cutter based on, so I can look her up?
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Stormhoofer? I would have gone with Stormtrotter personally. ;)
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Doesn't sound quite right to me. 'Trot' implies a lightness of step compared with 'troop', whereas hooves are assumed to be heavy.
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"are you a spy?" "yes, I am a spy" said no one...oh wait she did say it...
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The first rule of comedy: no-one is good at their job unless the joke requires it :)
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or she could be a double agent and be super good at her job, you never know...
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What if they just stay with the idiotic clones who can't see through their disguises?
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Eventually they would have to interact with somepony competent. There ARE one or two of them in the galaxy... somewhere...
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