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2.4.25: Know Thyself

It took some doing to make a quadruped leaning against a support strut look nonchalant.

I keep writing explanations for this page and then deleting them because they don't adequately cover what I'm going for here.  Let's just say that Moontear is still complicated (though not quite in the same ways anymore) and leave it at that.

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Trope me.
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*Gasp!* Background pony!? Such a deadly insult!
ChrisTheS's avatar
Horseshoes at dawn from ten paces.
But what is a background pony? Is it not simply a pony who slips underneath destiny's radar? Is it not simply a pony who is free to do anything at all?
ChrisTheS's avatar
This will be a question that Moontear will be giving much consideration to over the next few months...
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Even the heroes/villains need support from time to time. :XD:
Hehe. It's more fun in da background. No one can see me..... >8)
AJR001's avatar
And his/her name is AND HIS NAME IS JOHN CENA ... :XD: :XD:
AJR001's avatar
Here comes that BOI!!! :XD:
Lemme pull up to da curb real quick!
*parallel parks with a single twerk*
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Yet another great one-liner!  
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That last line said all that needed to be said, for me.
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It's what this whole volume has been building up to, in my view (kind of odd to be saying that, since I hadn't decided for sure that she was a clone until issue 2.2).  I always knew that Moontear would ultimately have to give up her Dash issues in order to grow as a character (and she's still got plenty of other issues to work through), and I'm pretty pleased by how it turned out overall.
shyal-malkes's avatar
Ya know, I think one thing that I really like about this series is how balanced it is, it only goes "over the top" when it's actually trying to do so.

This also wraps up a piece I was worried about, namely "how is Moontear going to get them to not throw her right back into lockup?"
ChrisTheS's avatar
Even Nightmares are occasionally forced to recognize that arresting somepony who just pulled a Big Damn Heroes moment to rescue them would be bad PR.
tigreanpony's avatar
Yes, THat was great, so when will she have her second date with Wind Whistler. Still very nicely done, that comment about the Background pony was perfect.
ChrisTheS's avatar
I don't think they really recognize the difference between 'date' and 'combat'.
ColdSnap777's avatar
There's a difference?
MDWebster's avatar
Great storms of your fall, Feather, does start with a smallest vapor where you least expect.
I just can't wait until the Emperess comes.
Also, Dark Feather is a Jerk!
Everyone is a background character in someone else's story, until they're not.
And everyone is the main character of their own story.
The world and history ultimately decided who is important and who is forgotten. We cannot decide what are ultimate legacy is. (Other than if we have children.)
PhoenixFlambe's avatar
Reminds me of "slice of life" when you say that.
Sometimes I get philosophical. But mostly I was thinking of all the politicians (doesn't matter which country's) that go on and on about their legacies all the while thinking that they're so much superior to everyone else.

Dark Feather is that type of person, or pony too.
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