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I've been tagged by ♥~tanukitchokes (♥ ◆Your name? impy (imp-chan, imp nee-chan), chika-chan! xD ◆If possible, your age? I've stopped counting when I turned 20... ◆When did you start drawing? At the age of 4, in kindergarten, when I realized that I didn't know how to draw PANTS LEGS and was forced to draw Daddy wearing a dress instead of trousers...Oh, the mortification! I've made the vow to learn how to draw a picture where one could tell Mom and Dad apart. *LOL* It kind of changed my life! xDDD ◆Which hand do you use for drawing? The right one. ◆Which is easier to draw -
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My heart is filled with fangirl joy because ~kai-py ( allowed me to use the most adorable Chika-chan icon EVER! :iconkissingplz: I ♥ U~~!! I've been tagged by dear :iconanyachan:. RULES: *********** 1. Post these rules 2. Each tagged person must post 8 things about themselves on their journal. 3. At the end you have to choose 8 people to tag, and post their icons on the same journal. 4. Go to their page and send a message saying you tagged them. 5. No tag-backs. So here I go... 1. I have 4 cats. All are attention whores who conspire to sabotage most of my attempts to sit in front of the computer so as to draw. :iconu
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Good God! I haven't updated this damn journal since December. How ridiculous is that? =_= I've disappeared (again) for a long long while and I apologize for it to people who left me a message/comment left unanswered. Well, I don't really feel like talking about RL atm so I'll just talk about my fanarts for now. I've finally finished my trade art(s) for ~CoyeL ( and should have a couple of other fanarts following soon enough (if everything goes well...=__=; ), one being KHR related, for a change. So, hopefully, next update shouldn't be too far away. This is an Art survey shamelessly stolen from :icontanukitchokes:. I wanted to post it a
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Happy birthday!
Air Guitar Hero :musicnote: Happy Birthday to you...:musicnote: Air Guitar Hero balloon Fun cake 
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Wish all your dreams come true and a wonderful year filled with happiness Free Avatar - CupTardCake Fun cake Rolos and Emote CaekCat Let them jump out of cake Birthday Glomp emoticon
I can't help but being fascinated by your arts, jesus christ!
Watching you with no regrets ^u^
:iconiloveitplz: Thank you very much!!!

Those adorable cakes~ :iconilickitplz:
You are welcome.
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greeting pnly okey.